Virgo Woman

Your virgo woman likes to work with her hands. Give her a year’s worth of manicures and pedicures, 10 piano lessons, a portable sewing machine with many features, or a custom needlepoint kit. Analytical at heart, she would be fascinated with a personality analysis of her handwriting or her horoscope.

Since she is likely to spend many hours at her desk, a unique desk accessory would be a hit. If she doesn’t have a computer or needs a new one, put this on the top of your list. Virgos are natural cyberspace commuters. She might like a paid-in-advance year of internet usage. She also likes to stay fit, so give her 10 visits of a personal trainer. Does she need home exercise gear like a stationary bike?

For jewelry, her sign rules jade, so a ring or pendant of this stone might be lucky for her. Her sign rules small patterns and prints–send her a colorful, yet elegant silk scarf to brighten her black coat. If you buy her a sweater, know that she prefers neutrals, and make sure it’s cashmere or a slinky silk fiber. A classic white shirt in the best cotton or silk fabric and classiest cut you can find would be appreciated. Feeling flush? Buy her a navy blazer by a French designer. Surprise her with a silver brush and mirror set for her dresser, or a large mirror for her bedroom. (Virgo likes to know she’s well groomed.) This lady likes classic things, so a portfolio of leather for her papers, or an elegant Filofax in hunter green would be good too.