Virgo Man

Virgo is a highly productive sign. Give your Virgo man an exciting state-of-the-art laptop computer, with extra batteries (very important), so he can work on the run. Or get him a Macintosh Newton, that he can use to fax anywhere, any time as well as keep tract of other office functions. This Mercury ruled native needs to communicate constantly!

He reads a lot, so buy him new halogen desk lamp or an itty bitty book light to read while on the commuter train. Give him a sophisticated wireless head set for his phone, so he can talk hands free. He also likes to stay healthy, so fresh fruit-of-the month club is a great idea, as is a 12-month membership at a nearby gym. Since he enjoys working with his hands, get him an electronic drill, or, to clean up his car (Virgo likes things neat), a portable vacuum cleaner. An electric shoe polisher would be a hit too, or a deluxe tool kit with many unusual and hard-to-find- implements inside.

The Virgo man is smart and highly intellectual. He loves books and intellectual puzzles so give him a gift certificate to a book shop to stock up on more. Don’t forget new interesting software–very high on Virgo’s list. When you choose it, remember to include the clip of the review from the magazine that sold you on it–he’ll be impressed.