Taurus Woman

Venus-ruled Taurus women never have enough perfumes, so you can get her more with confidence. She would also adore silky body lotion in a soft floral scent, with talcum powder to match. Send her a basket of violets, or a huge bunch of white and purple lilacs for her bedroom, in a Baccarat cut crystal vase. For her kitchen, make her own custom herb-garden-in-a-basket. Give her a membership to a local municipal botanical garden to enjoy year-round. Delight her with a total day of beauty at a spa.

In choosing clothing for her, be sure you stick to natural fibers. Give her a snow white, Victorian nightgown of cotton, edged in Swiss eyelet. Since Taurus is highly touch-sensitive, have her choose a gorgeous black velvet gown for black-tie occasions or give her a tiny, sparkling evening clutch. She’d also love soft, cashmere-lined leather gloves, or a pretty scarf-hat-mitten set in a cozy wool blend, in a color which sets off her eyes. A pearl choker necklace (like Princess Diana’s) would also be perfect for her because Taurus rules the throat. Want to give her gems? Save up! She adores emeralds.