Taurus Man

Send your sensuous Taurus man a basket of strawberries hand-dipped in chocolate, or a certificate for a luxurious Swedish massage. Venus-ruled Taurus would also love tickets to a musical event, whether it be rock, jazz, classical, opera, or a Broadway show. Shoot your wad taking him to a four-star restaurant that he’s only read about and always wanted to try.

Since Taurus likes to “settle in” at home, buy him a comfy reclining chair and a deluxe, “Star Trek” remote control for his TV. Everyone needs a new VCR once in a while–you might get him a deluxe model, or new speakers for his stereo. Has he been dropping hints for new CD titles? Keep a list. Want to buy him clothing? Make it the best you can afford (Taurus likes quality) and make it tactile. Nothing scratchy or stiff for this man.

A handsome umbrella would be a good idea too, big enough for two to share. A basket of fine red wine and selection of imported cheeses would also surely make a hit. He loves greenery, so send him a tree or plant for his office, a new set of gardening tools, or give him a custom landscape consultation for his yard.