Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman likes things that are well-crafted with classic tailoring. Get her a smart, black suit she can wear in a number of ways, or a beautiful silk blouse or outfit in her lucky color: burgundy. Get her an English trench coat, an Italian umbrella, or a fashionable French leather handbag that she will have forever. If she works, give her a beautiful attache case of buttery, smooth black leather.

A thoughtful gift if she goes out often at night would be something to put in her purse to keep her safe, whether a special alarm, a light for her keys, an automatic garage opener or a purse-sized cellular phone. Or get her an intercom so she can hear what is going on in various rooms.

She is intensely private and highly individual and would adore personalized, engraved stationary from the finest stationers. Scorpio women like to collect sexy, lacy lingerie in a variety of colors, black to nude, deep purple to bright red. From push-up bras to garter belts to wear with seamed stockings and pumps, the Scorpio woman is a true femme fatal. A water sign, she could never have too much perfume (she wants the real stuff, not cologne.) Her signature perfume is musk or a haunting floral-oriental.