Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man is the 007 of the zodiac. He’s fascinated with matters revolving around security, so cleaver protective gadgets for his home or car would be perfect choices. Buy him a radar detector or CD player for his car.

This sign also enjoys things made of leather, so choose a jacket, wallet, brief case, piece of luggage or new belt, Scorpio does not like trendy things but rather, classic, quality items that can be enjoyed for a long time. If you buy him a book, make it an international spy thriller or murder mystery. Since he enjoys his time at home, give him single malt scotch, a selection of the best New York T-bone steaks, or promise to make him chocolate mousse for Valentine’s Day. Speaking of chocolate, the Scorpio man would also adore chocolate body paint that he has to paint and then nibble off you. Or, if he is your lover, buy him some sexy underwear and wrap it all up in clouds of tissue paper.