Pisces Man

Your Pisces man is highly creative, sensitive and intensely introspective. Give him a semester of classes in Tai-Chi, perfect for Pisces because it combines philosophy with technique. Buy him a photograph by a master at auction. Or, print one of your own favorite photos on fiber paper, then sign, mat and frame it for him. Surprise him with a brand new 35 mm camera.

For his home, give him a collection of brilliant salt water fish in an aquarium. Or give him a terry bathrobe and a mirror that won’t fog up in the shower. Speaking of showers, get him an adjustable shower head–something he will adore. Or take him to Cape Cod, and book a cottage which overlooks the ocean. If he sails, buy him a crafted, wooden model of a clipper ship to display in his study. Buy a membership to a gym that offers an Olympic sized pool. Choose a top night club and go dancing. Buy him a brand new pair of sneakers. He might like a pedometer to track how much he walks during a normal day. (Pisces rules the feet.)