Libra Woman

Libra’s favorite gift is fine jewelry, so choose something elegant she wouldn’t buy herself, such as a opal ring or a gorgeous sapphire necklace. Libras have a busy social lives, so if you buy her a tiny evening purse, new silk evening pumps or a silk shawl, you can be confident she’ll use them often. Libra uses perfumes and body lotions as part of her allure–she can never have too many. Then too, she can’t have too much sexy lingerie. Give her a new teddy or a camisole with tap pants in a soft champagne color. Her sign is ruled by Venus, planet of beauty and grace, so naturally, she will adore fresh flowers. One Libra I know skillfully dries her roses and hangs them upside down in her country French bedroom, for a soft, feminine look. She says even silk flowers if done very, very well could be beautiful.

Libra would like to have a new home accessory, such as a pot in the Libra-ruled metal: copper. Give her an elegant clock, a signed lithograph or gilt-edged mirror for her foyer. A perfectly round cut-crystal vase to hold sweetheart roses would be divine. If your Libra is a college girl, give her a graphic poster for her dorm room or something from the museum. She is a people person, so if you buy her a book, give her a riveting biography, or appeal to her funny bone, with Chuck Jones’ CHUCK REDUCKS, about the creator of Bugs Bunny (Warner Books). She would also enjoy chatting away online, so pay for a year of internet service in advance.