Leo Woman

Whatever you get her, make it sophisticated and the best you can afford. Buy her a chic, little black dress or a sparkling gold knit evening top and matching sweater. Silk lingerie, by a luxurious design house like La Perla, would also make a big hit. Get her two tickets to a black-tie benefit or a weekend of pampering at a celebrity spa. Send her two dozen red American Beauty roses. Charm her with a beautifully-wrapped box of imported bittersweet chocolates, or make up a basket of gourmet jams, jellies, nuts, olives, cheese, crackers, fruits, teas and shortbread cookies.

Leo has star quality, so pay for a pair of designer sunglasses she chooses herself. Furs? She loves them and has no problem wearing them, unlike her Aquarius sister who would never don a fur coat. Make the lioness’s fur Blackgama mink. Find a beautiful silk scarf for her by a designer, preferably Hermes or Chanel. Give her a solid gold compact for her face powder or a beautiful crystal flask for her perfume, or an imported fountain pen to write her love letters. Buy her a bookshelf stereo unit for her office–she likes music while she works.

In jewelry, she would like a beautiful “Y” necklace and matching earrings from Barney’s or Saks, or go all the way to Cartier and get her a tennis bracelet of diamonds. But for her favorite gem, you will have to rob a bank–rubies are her hands-down favorites.