Leo Man

Give the Leo man a fine bottle of French champagne and two crystal champagne flutes so you can enjoy it together. Or buy a gold pocket watch on which you can engrave an inscription. Luxury is key with Leo. Buy him a lavish quantity of fresh caviar for his upcoming New Year’s Eve fete. Surprise him with dinner in a four-star restaurant and hire a limo to be on call for the full five hours you’ll be together. Or, thrill him with a helicopter ride.

Tickets to a Broadway play with orchestra seats would be a popular choice. Or, get tickets to a magic show–Leo loves drama and flourish. New audio equipment for his car or study would also be a sure-fire hit. Give him a box of imported cigars if he likes them, and a solid gold lighter to go with them. Or buy him a silver case for his business cards from a posh retailer, and, again, engrave them. He loves anything highly unique, which is why any kind of artwork would appeal to him. Have a white dress shirt engraved with his initials. Go together to buy a dashing new trenchcoat from Burberry’s.

Has he wished he could belong to a private club? Save up and give him a membership. Finally, there is still the kid in him, so for his recreation room, buy him the new Ninentendo 64, which is nearly 3D, Game Boy, or a large, Advent TV!