Aries Woman

Aries rules the head, so give her a fine hair brush and pretty hair ornaments from England, or, if you are feeling generous, give her a gift certificate for a hairstyle make-over from a famous big-city salon. She would adore a makeup consultation (her face is, of course, part of her head), so find the best stylist you can. Or put together a basket of high-quality makeup and skin care products (in sealed packages, so she can exchange the colors if necessary).

To cater to her need for excitement, give her a ride in a hot-air balloon that ends with a champagne picnic. Get her a pair of Rollerblades because she loves fast sports or a racing bike. She’s an excellent poker player, so some elegant new playing cards would be good. Since she craves experiencing events that are larger than life, buy her one of those new videos on real life tornadoes (she adored Twister) or hurricanes for her collection.

Your girl adores attention, so throw her a surprise party! Hot and spicy foods are her favorites, so she would like a basket of Tex-Mex salsa, sauces, chips and spices. Want to buy jewels? Her stone is diamonds. Buy her either a knockout ring or delicate stud earrings (all the rage right now). Or collect a cache of sexy, silk undies in her favorite color, bright red, or the derivative, pink.