Aries Man

Aries is a fire sign which rules sharp instruments, iron metals and fire. Surprise your Aries man with an outdoor barbecue grill, a deluxe Swiss army knife or a dart game for his office. Aries is also the deal-maker sign of the zodiac, so he may need a new briefcase and calculator too. While you are at it, send him a cactus plant for his office–thorns are governed by Aries.

He enjoys competitive sports, so get him tickets to the next Super Bowl game. Won the lottery? Buy him a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Haven’t won yet? OK–Aries also rules warriors, so for his computer, buy him best-selling shoot-’em-up game software to test his competitive skills. Another idea: buy an old and valuable hand-drawn print of a famous battle scene and frame it for his study.

The Aries man is quite a cowboy–brave, tough when he needs to be, and true pioneer–so get him a pair of nifty good quality cowboy boots or a western belt. This sign rules the head, so your Aries man might like a gift certificate in a fine men’s hat store too.