Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius woman is the quintessential modern woman and like the Aquarius man, she adores things that run on electricity. She wants a photo CD player, a personal fax machine, a beeper with voice mail, or a video palmcorder.

Astrology is ruled by her sign, so give her a reading by a professional astrologer or find her some interesting books on the subject. Her sign rules friendship, so find a pretty silver friendship ring to remember you. She might like a perpetual calendar to keep track of her pal’s birthdays (a good one is one I wrote this year, The Astrology Book of Days. Published by Warner Books).

She is fascinated by crystals, so get her a pretty pendant. If you buy her clothes, make them highly fashionable. Her best color is cobalt blue, fuchsia or a soft charcoal gray. In fragrance, buy her Donna Karen’s Chaos, which is what her ruler, Uranus, governs! (She’ll like the unusual crystal bottle Chaos comes in too.) You might give her a certificate for an aromatheraphy massage–she’ll be in heaven. Finally, probably one of the most original gifts you can give her is to name a star after her at the Star Registry (yes, a real star in the galaxy!)