Aquarius Man

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of the future and governor of electricity. So, it’s easy to see how buying just about anything which plugs into the wall would thrill your Aquarius man, the newer and more unusual the better. You could try something basic like a laptop computer and work your way up to an electronic muscle massager. Be lavish and get him direct TV with a digital satellite system. Buy him a pyramid for his desk for greater success. I found one at Sharper Image which emits affirmations–customizable by the recipient of your gift–which will emit them audibly at 20 decibels below ambient noise levels, 180 times an hour. Now that is an Aquarius gift!

Your Aquarian might also like multi-media authoring software, speakers for his CD-ROM, or some new interactive games. Buy him a telescope to view the stars. Or, if he likes TV, surprise him with a boxed set of X-Files episodes. Have his horoscope chart cast by an astrologer. If you buy him a book, make it either sci-fi or one which predicts social trends of the new millennium. A membership pass to the science museum or planetarium could be a perfect gift. Take him to an IMAX show in your city, one that offers the full 3-D effects with glasses. Buy him a Dilbert Page-a-Day Calendar or a Looney Tunes Marvin the Martian mousepad!