Fitness for Virgo

Your Ruling Planet: Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the inquisitive, intellectual and objective planet.

The Part Of The Body Your Sign Rules: Virgo rules the lower digestive track.

Your Metabolism: High.

Your Health Profile:

Virgo’s lower tummy (intestinal tract) is, unfortunately, the first part of his or her body to feel stress. Before you run for the Milk of Magnesia, try making a change in your lifestyle that can prevent these attacks. Meditation and an exercise program that emphasizes total-body relaxation and proper alignment will appeal to your perfectionist tendencies, while combating their inevitable physical effects. Fortunately for you, Virgo, you tend to stay slim.

As the rest of the zodiac knows, never tell a Virgo to relax! A Virgo likes to keep busy and productive. In an average day you do the work of two people… or maybe four! Realize that others may be better able to take the time they need to put their feet up and relax, but having them watch you work makes you feel like a doormat. Learn to delegate chores and responsibilities. Set up a system of initiatives for those close to you. Allow for the fact that people will always do things on their own schedule (not yours) and “perfectly clean” anything isn’t always possible.

Virgo is one who must be careful with his or her diet. You tend to eat the most fresh fruits and vegetables of all the signs, not surprising since Virgo rules the autumn harvest. Many Virgos are vegetarian. Just be sure you are getting a wide variety of all the right foods, since it will take good organization to be sure you are not missing iron, or any other nutrient, from your diet. Happily, Virgo is the world’s greatest planner and well organized about anything and everything in life.

You do have the tendancy to see things in black-and-white extremes. Don’t dump your diet for one transgression! Since you like things orderly, keep a food diary, or draw up a chart of your progress at the gym. Since Virgos need all the de-stressing they can get, add some easy, pleasant exercises to your routine just for the fun of it, like biking or walking. Everything doesn’t have to be a project.

Most importantly, distract yourself now and then. Virgo worries. Virgo worries a lot! You run the risk of going a little overboard and getting somewhat compulsive. Remember Virgo: tomorrow is another day.

Your Biggest Asset:

Your best quality is great endurance, rather than brute strength. Try sports that require going the distance, like hiking, cross-country skiing, long-distance running, and, for the iron-man and iron-woman Virgo: triathalons! Just don’t expect to have deep and abiding love for sprinting or downhill skiing.

Your sense of organization and sometime-motto “anything worth doing is worth doing well” are other Virgo assets, provided you don’t go overboard.

What Drives You Crazy:

If you haven’t caught my drift by now–it’s you! You can be your own worst enemy, Virgo. Stop driving yourself crazy by worrying about what might happen. Go for it!

Health Risks:

Yes, all great athletes are driven, to some degree and yes, being physically fit means being careful with what you eat and do. But being too obsessive or driven can also mean stress fractures, muscle pain and unnecessary disappointment. It’s good to strive, but you can over do it, too. Overweight Virgos (there may be one or two) beware: an eating disorder could crop up if you let your perfectionist tendencies run riot.