Fitness for Taurus

Your Ruling Planet: Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, luxury and comfort.

The Part Of The Body Your Sign Rules: Taurus rules the throat.

Your Metabolism: Low.

Your Health Profile:

As a Taurus, you are aware you use all of your senses to explore the world. How something feels, sounds, smells or tastes matters to you–a lot. You love sex, good food, the touch and feel of certain fabrics against your skin (not to mention skin against skin), and are very responsive to beautiful music. Yet you are also a creature of comfort and can become a couch potato as a result. A Taurus tends to be sedentary rather than athletic. An innate fondness for chocolate and French cuisine can pack the pounds on you, Bull, and inactivity combined with a high-speed modem at home or 77 cable channels on your TV can wreak havoc.

Work with your sensual nature, rather than against it, to keep a program of regular physical exercise a fun part of your life. Instead of your beloved old sweats, shell out for comfortable and flattering clothing to wear at the gym. Bring along your portable tape player and earphones so you can listen to your favorite music, and treat yourself occasionally to an after-workout sauna and message. Women Taurus seem to be especially responsive to aroma-therapy massage. When your muscles are aching as you pull into that last abdominal crunch, just remind yourself that exercise always makes your sex life more active and pleasurable.

If you find a sport you enjoy–make the most of it! Take your bicycle through a beautiful or unexplored area. When you swim, don’t get locked into lapping around your gym pool forever. This summer, try taking a field trip to the old swimming hole you used to frequent as a kid. Maybe you and an intimate friend could sneak in a skinny dip! Taurus loves greenery and flowers, so working in your garden could give you the dual benefits of gorgeous tomatoes and firm calves and arms. The point is, if you can enjoy the experience you are more likely to stick to it.

Don’t be radical with your eating habits, Taurus. If you allow yourself to feel deprived sooner or later The Bull will see red! The trick is to gradually make healthy changes in your diet so that you keep your enthusiasm–and your metabolism–high. Don’t give up if you reach a plateau. Since you are ruled by Venus, a fairly hedonistic, pleasure-seeking planet, you will have the most success if you get regular rewards. So write down all the milestones that get you to your final goal and list a reward for yourself (a healthy one!) next to each milestone.

Finally, Venus will give you a memorable a memorable, melodic speaking voice (perhaps even an ability to sing), but you will be more subject to sore throats and laryngitis in winter as a result. Keep drinking your breakfast juice, and if you do get a sore throat, drink tea with honey and lemon or gargle with warm salty water for relief.

Your Biggest Asset:

A will of iron and plenty of persistence!

What Drives You Crazy:

Having to rush through anything. Sports that require lightening-fast reflexes and agility, such as squash, don’t usually appeal to you. What you are more likely to enjoy are sports that require concentration and good hand-eye coordination, such as archery, marksmanship, and golf.

Health Risks:

Inertia keeps you glued to the past, even in sports and fitness. Your memory of being picked last in grade school could keep you out of shape permanently, if you allow it to. C’mon Taurus–if you try it I promise you’ll like it!