Fitness for Libra

Your Ruling Planet: Libra is ruled by seductive, adorable Venus, planet of beauty, love, fun, and comfort.

The part of the body your sign rules: The lower back.

Your Metabolism: Low.

Your Health Profile:

Few signs are as well groomed and polished as yours. Libra generally takes good care of his or her body (crowding your shelves are body lotions, shampoos, and moisturizers), but you could be neglecting to take into account the influence of what you put into your mouth. Your weakness? Sweets. But don’t banish them forever. Instead, indulge your love of quality, sensuality and flavor all at once by treating yourself to one tiny, superb Godiva chocolate daily–and savor it. Otherwise you will find yourself with both your body size and craving for treats growing exponentially out of proportion! Sneak snacking is a classic Libra diet problem.

Libra also loves to party but keeping up with hectic club scenes can make you lose track of time, and rob you of sleep. You cannot make up for lost rest and consistent self-care, you can only repair the damage. So get back home at a reasonable time for most of your nights out.

The ultimate partnering sign, Libra does best when they team up with another person in any exercise program. Tennis (doubles!), squash, basketball, golf, volleyball, square dancing, sailing and other sports and activities that require a partner are all perfect for you to try.

Finally, pay attention to the condition of your lower back. Learn calisthenics to strengthen the muscles in this area and drink lots of water and cranberry juice to stay healthy on the inside, too.

Your Biggest Asset:

Grace, balance and good coordination. Try any sport which requires them, like gymnastics, golf, ball room dancing, and platform diving.

What Drives You Crazy:

Physical ugliness in all its manifestations, from having a bad hair day, to working out in a poorly-decorated gym, to wearing a scruffy old sweatshirt will repel and depress you.

Health Risks:

Libra runs the risk of being too social at the gym, and forgetting why he or she came in the first place. Checking out attractive people, spending time at the juice bar catching up on gossip, getting involved with a clique, none of these things is helping you keep fit, Libra. But don’t let your pendulum swing too far to the opposite extreme. Pushing yourself too hard until you drop from exhaustion or injury won’t keep you fit either. Keep yourself in balance and harmony.