Fitness for Aries

Your Ruling Planet: Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of strength and aggression.

The Part Of The Body Your Sign Rules: Aries rules the head.

Your Metabolism: Very high.

Your Health Profile:

You are an enthusiastic bundle of high energy. You work hard, and play even harder. Temperance is not your middle name! You do everything with gusto: eating, playing squash, making love. You always “live in the moment” and have strong faith in your future.

Yet as an Aries, you lack patience. You look for quick results in all things, including exercise and diet. The human body doesn’t always work on your timeline, so you may have to get used to nature’s slower pace. Luckily, you won’t likely have a problem with weight gain, since Aries is always on the go.

You excel at strenuous team sports and exercise regimens, because your ruling planet Mars “the warrior,” imparts to you awesome strength, endurance, confidence and drive. Highly competitive, Aries can also outlast any opponent out of sheer determination. Highly goal-oriented, Aries wants to win and does!

Strenuous activity calms you down, so you feel wonderful after a good workout. Try vigorous sports such as martial arts, wind surfing, rollerblading, football, softball, basketball, gymnastics, boxing, jumping rope. Mars rules iron, so try weight lifting or fencing too.

Aries can overheat, so keep drinking water. In foods, Aries loves hot and spicy, so stock up on some delicious salsa to add zest to broiled chicken or fish.

You could experience headaches from tension. Important: since your teeth are in your head, the part of the body ruled by your sign, watch your teeth as a source of pain and see your dentist on a regular basis!

Your Biggest Asset:

Enthusiasm and the vitality of the Energizer bunny.

What Drives You Crazy: Not enough stimulation: “I’m bored!”

Health Risks: Doing too much and not knowing your limit.