Fitness for Aquarius

Your Ruling Planet: Aquarius is ruled by surprising, innovative and inventive Uranus.

The Part Of The Body Your Sign Rules: Aquarius rules the ankles and circulatory system.

Your Metabolism: High.

Your Health Profile:

People are often either more physical or intellectual. Your sign is highly intellectual, so you tend to “live in your head.” You are sometimes surprised when your body complains, reminding you that it needs care!

Your ankles are your weak point, so be careful if you ballet dance, ice skate, do gymnastics or ski. Support them with an ace bandage if that feels better. Your circulation is sensitive too. So you need to keep warm, and put circulation-strengthening aerobic exercise on your to-do list!

You’re wired, but sitting at the computer can spread your hips, so keep exercising! Search the Internet for any health-oriented information you need. Since you are so into electronics, exercise videotapes will allow you the flexibility you want to work out on your own schedule. Anything routine or consistent drives you nuts, so fight the inevitable boredom by having lots of different tapes.

You tend to concentrate hard on you’re doing, but you can become so immersed, you forget to eat balanced meals. You’re an inveterate eat-on-the run snacker–try to plan ahead. You like anything unusual or exotic. So start with beautiful imported fruits from tropical islands! Just chop up a pineapple and a banana, throw them on a cookie sheet and into the freezer. Yummy to munch on during C-Span.

Keeping current is important to you, so I know you will investigate new trends in diet, nutrition and exercise. Use common sense. If a new diet, herbal remedy, or exercise idea sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Forget the fads.

Aquarius is a very social sign and you tend to do your best work in groups. You can’t stand the solitary loneliness of puffing endlessly away on your basement stair master, or anything else that shuts you away from the world. Do things that will bring you in contact with others, because being around other people energizes you. I know one Aquarius who loves his Japanese martial arts classes for just this reason! So this year, why not organize a workout group? If you pool resources with co-workers or pals you may be able to hire a top-notch trainer for a twice-a-week class. You’ll enjoy seeing friends while you get fit!

Your Biggest Asset:

You are always light years ahead of the wave. What you’re into now, the rest of the population discovers in three years.

What Drives You Crazy:

Routine. You want to do things when the spirit moves you, no matter what time it is. This relates to eating, exercising, even making love. You would never be able to live with any kind of schedule. You probably don’t own a watch–nothing important starts without you! Keep things a varied–you’ll soon lose interest with the “same old, same old”!

Health Risks:

Too much inactivity because you are sitting at the computer all day. Getting lost in what you are doing and forgetting about the gym. Every take-out restaurant in the tri-state area.