Fourth House

The fourth house covers your home residence, what it looks like and how you feel about it, along with other property you might also own, rent, or want to buy or sell. If you have tenants, they would be included in this house, too.

As the people who gave life to you, your parents are also covered by the fourth house. An astrologer can see your early home memories and experiences as you grew up, for the fourth house rules the overall domestic condition.

A little-known area that the fourth house governs is what is called the “end of all matters”—reflecting the final outcome of a specific ongoing situation. As the house found at the very bottom of the chart (where the 6 would be found on the face of a clock), it is the place associated with midnight, so it is the magical part of the chart when today turns into tomorrow—and then becomes yesterday.

The natural rulers of the fourth sector are the nurturing moon, repository of your memories and feelings, and the sign Cancer.