Virgo Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Virgo

by Susan Miller

Most of the little transiting planets are on the western side of your chart, so other people in your circle and new people who you will collaborate with will play a role in how the events go this month. You won’t have total control, as the planets are suggesting more of a team, group effort will be necessary where everyone has a vote.

The way you will get ahead will be through cooperating with others, listening to their ideas, and suggesting ways their ideas could be made even better. You are a mutable sign, meaning you are inherently flexible and adaptable, so you should not have difficulty navigating through March. It is due to be a very positive month with plenty of opportunity to progress.

The Sun will be in Pisces, warming your seventh house, which is the house of committed relationships. On the very first day of the month, March 1, Jupiter will be in communication with the Sun, so making a distant trip with your sweetheart/spouse would be quite divine. If you travel to see a client, that, too, should be a good idea, as profits are likely to result. This month, foreign people, places, and global markets glow. If you cannot travel on March 1, or later in the month, you may be communicating via phone and email with foreign people quite a bit working on a big job.

On March 9 Uranus will contact the Sun in a beautifully beneficial way, and again, travel would be a wonderful idea for you and your partner, or you might spontaneously pitch or work with an overseas client.

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