Sagittarius Horoscope for May 2024

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MAY 2024

Dear Reader,

May will be a beautiful month. I have been telling friends that in May it will be raining diamonds! It just sparkles brilliantly. Ever since January, many of the planets have been traveling in same-sign groups. By clustering together, the planets are able to make a single, clear statement that will show you where the goodness lies and where you should focus your energies in order to be able to access their gifts.

In May, five planets will be in Taurus, so wherever you have Taurus in your chart, that’s where your attention will be drawn.

There are many beautiful aspects in May. In my report for you, I will show you examples of how best to use these sparkling aspects.

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Your May 2024 Horoscope for Sagittarius

by Susan Miller

Friends are telling you about their exciting upcoming trips, but you can’t help feeling a little twinge of jealousy. Business is brisk, and there is no way you can leave town now, for your clients and team need you. Besides, if you do leave, details are likely to fall between the cracks and only create more work for when you return.

Set your sights on planning to go on vacation on or after August 4, the new moon in your distant travel sector. Even though Mercury will be retrograde throughout August, it will be fine to travel. You’ll be happily swimming in turquoise waters or hiking in the thickly verdant woods, while back at the office, nothing earth-shattering will be happening. It will be a good time to kick back and relax.

After spending a year in your work-a-day assignment (sixth) house, Jupiter is getting ready to leave Taurus this month and head to another sign, and the little planets decided to give Jupiter a festive send off. The party kicks off when the gracious new moon arrives on May 7 with her partner the Sun, both in Taurus at 18 degrees. In the new moon’s entourage will be Venus, who is mistress of ceremonies, for she organized the party and is in charge. She invited Uranus, the planet that brings surprises, and the guest of honor, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune. It is one of the sweetest, happiest new moons of the year.

Jupiter likely brought you plenty of business over the past 12 months, and if you had to hire help to complete all the orders, Jupiter also helped you find qualified workers. You may have had a new or upgraded workplace, possibly with new equipment (like new computers, software, or other tools) so that you could get your work done with ease.

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