Capricorn Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Capricorn

by Susan Miller

You will always look for ways to get ahead in business as well as in your personal life. This month you may focus on the way you communicate to others, sharpening your skills and finding ways you can strengthen your methods of negotiation. Planets stacking up in your third house suggest your timing is spot on, so give this effort all you’ve got. You may take a class or stock up with books by experts, especially in negotiation.

Capricorn is a leadership-oriented cardinal sign (along with Aries, Cancer, Libra), and you are considered a mover and shaker of the zodiac. Every sign has a ruling planet—yours is Saturn, so the place and sign where Saturn is traveling will always matter to you quite a bit. Being ruled by Saturn makes you like structure, and you admire people who have strong self-discipline like you. You know how to manage your time so that it can yield the highest level of productivity. Indeed, you need to see progress in all that you do.

Saturn moved into Pisces in March 2023, and that has given you new insights to the way you perceive and navigate the world around you. You are taking on some of the wisdom of Pisces. Pisces is more intuitive than you, but now you are finding value in listening to your hunches. Just a few years ago, that thought would have horrified you—you like basing all your decisions on hard facts, but you are beginning to see that facts can be tainted by the way they are drawn up. As one example, a poll can be skewed by the way the pollster frames the question—and by the questions that were not asked.

Pisces is flexible, adaptable, and creative, always thinking outside the box, and you are now seeing there is value to that kind of thinking, too. You have had Saturn here for a full year, so this is no fleeting influence. Saturn will remain in Pisces until February 2026. The Pisces gifts you are receiving will add depth and range to your personality, and add two of this sign’s greatest gifts—inspiration and compassion.

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