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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Your October Horoscope by Susan Miller

Travel is written all over your chart, so you may be packing and unpacking suitcases all month. However, travel won't always be easy, as the September 27 total eclipse of the (full) moon occurred last month, and a troublesome new moon, October 12, is on the way. Both dates are tied to each other in theme. Your third and ninth houses are both linked to travel and relationships with people based at a distance, but these both houses also deal in negotiation and contracts too, another area that appear to be coming up as a strong area of interest for you this month.

The ninth house, I should note here, before I go forward, also rules your talks and actions with officials at colleges and other places of higher education, and talks and discussions with your lawyer and actions you may take in the courts. The ninth house also rules your interactions with professionals in the media, specifically in publishing, broadcasting, telecommunications, and the digital world. One of these areas listed will likely be important to you now, including the negotiation of...

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