I am Pisces, My Lover is Scorpio

Hold your Scorpio lover close — this person is a true soul mate. Scorpios share Pisces’ depth of feeling and emotion, and both signs rely on intuition. Scorpio lights up your house of higher thought, so together you can explore the serious questions in life, such as: Why are we here? What is the role of religion? Is it possible to have more than one true love? Scorpio is especially spiritual, something Pisces appreciate.

Scorpios will be loyal and discreet — another plus to Pisces — and their feelings of love go awesomely deep. Sexually, this can be a thrilling match, for Scorpio likes the fact that Pisces expect a near-religious experience from making love. Scorpios can get into jealous rages, however, so if you aren’t sure you want this person to be your one-and-only, delay sex as long as you can. Once in bed with a Scorpio, he or she will expect total fidelity from you from that day forward.

Your intense and mysterious lover needs privacy — something you can relate to well. Getting away to quiet places together often is a good idea. Scorpio is a water sign like Pisces, so you share the same element. Like you, Scorpios often have to return to places near water to renew themselves and prepare again to take on the world.

This person is intense, and sometimes he or she can even get a little paranoid. If your Scorpio seems withdrawn, gently press them to talk to you. Scorpios sometimes don’t exactly know what it is that is making them churn inside. Expressing his or her disjointed feelings may help your lover make sense of the situation. However, don’t expect getting your Scorpio to talk to be an easy task; opening up a Scorpio is like uprooting a giant redwood tree. Yet Pisces’ delicate sensitivity always lets them know when to press forward and when to hold back.

Scorpios are a confident sign and will urge you to stand up for yourself. They go crazy when they see others take advantage of their Pisces. Financial shrewdness is also a strong asset of Scorpios, something Pisces will benefit from learning. Your union with Scorpio therefore, will bolster the sides of you that need strength.

If you are up to Scorpio’s intensity this can be an invigorating pairing. Scorpio will expand your entire spectrum of feeling. My bet is you’ll love it, and your Scorpio will too.

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