I am Libra, My Lover is Aquarius

Yes, yes, yes! This is one match you must go for! Aquarius is perfect for you, Libra. Both of you are communicators — you’re sure to have long talks, lively debates, and flashes of brilliant inspiration from one another.

Any relationship has its little bumps and yours will be that Aquarius is a freedom-loving sign whereas you want to wed. Aquarius’ detachment and cool reserve may be a bit maddening when you’re waiting for a commitment; you have to be patient. You have the right basic compatibility.

Libra is a refined and elegant sign. You like to go to sophisticated, high-class restaurants — feeding pigeons on a park bench or checking out the local diner might not be what you had in mind. Just try to understand that your Aquarius is undoubtedly saving up for a new Powerbook or extra RAM for that new computer, so spending money on food seems, well, less interesting. Pull out your credit card and show them what they’re missing. You may be able to distract Aquarius, even if you can’t reform him or her.

Libras want to form deep friendships before they fall in love, and your Aquarius will agree. This lover could become your best pal. Aquarius are playful and experimental in bed. At times reserved, polite Libras will be shocked by some of the ideas Aquarius can suggest for lovemaking. But your good nature will lead you to listen and try practically anything once.

Libra, give this love a chance. This is an outstanding match despite the initial differences.

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