Vacation Guide for Sagittarius

Nothing gets your pulse racing faster than the prospect of taking a trip to a city you’ve never seen, to a land far away. In fact, the farther you need to travel, the better. Look into tours to the Far East, Bali or New Zealand for starters. You long for exotic adventures, so add these possibilities too: Taiwan, Tibet, Korea, Turkey, Israel, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela or Chile.

Sagittarius loves to travel so much that you have learned to enjoy the parts of the trip that other people usually groan about‹standing in line to get through security, finding your way around the airport terminal, and for some, dealing with airline food‹whatever! To you, this is all part of the fun of getting away, and nothing can dampen your spirit. You are a pleasure to travel with, and anyone you bring along is lucky to have you near. Indeed, you are a bright, energetic, enthusiastic sign, and quite intellectual too, so you will look to learn as much as you can while on your travels.

As a Sagittarius, you need lots of mental stimulation and will study the history and culture of your destination long before you embark. Sagittarius is usually skilled at languages, so you should be able to master at least some basic words fairly quickly.

Because you tend to be athletic, you favor vacations that offer big sky and wide- open places; being a fire sign, you like warm settings. Club Med must have been designed with Sagittarius in mind, since, there vacationers can participate in a wide variety of activities without extra expense.

Most Sagittarius enjoy equestrian sports, so a trip to visit a dude ranch in Arizona or Texas would also be ideal‹better yet if you can participate in the instructional nature walks, play tennis, swim, run and work out at a well- appointed gym.

You might also enjoy a visit one of the national parks, like the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon or Zion Canyon. You are not likely to want to spend a large amount of money‹your sign is often quite financially savvy. To save on costly hotels, you might want to go camping. Sleeping in a tent under the stars sounds good to you. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you need to feel free and unfettered, so don’t over plan your itinerary‹allow for some spontaneity, and you’ll enjoy yourself to the hilt.