Vacation Guide for Capricorn

You are an earth sign, symbolized by the goat, so a beautiful resort perched high on a mountain, one that offers a breathtaking view, might just be a perfect setting for your next vacation, dear Capricorn.

Saturn, your ruling planet, teaches you to have an appreciation for tradition and history, so you might enjoy a vacation in a city of great historical significance. Consider such places as Pompeii, Rome, Crete, Athens, Easter Islands, The Pyramids, Mexico City or Prague.

Your love of history might lead you to visit various historical cities of the United States: Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Boston or Williamsburg. These cities would bring you lots of opportunity to explore life as it was in the Colonial era. Your sign also usually enjoys browsing for antiques, so consider a trip to flea markets and antiques shops in Bucks County and Lancaster Pennsylvania or on Portobello Road, London.

Some universities and travel agencies offer package tours to archeological digs‹some even accept volunteers. Capricorn rules bones and artifacts from the past, so such a trip‹one that digs for dinosaurs‹could be an once-in-a- lifetime experience. Alternatively, consider a trip to New York City or Chicago where you can SEE the collections of dinosaur bones in museums, up close and personal.

In terms of your travel accommodations, you often enjoy being a guest in an old hotel that has some great traditions. Try the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo, the Breakers in Palm Beach, The Plaza in New York City and the Ritz, well, everywhere! Try hiking in a lush, wooded area or golfing at the prestigious Pebble Beach Country Club in California.

You are usually delighted if you combine a little business with pleasure. It only adds to the excitement of your vacation if you can make a good contact or cut a good deal. To Capricorn, work isn’t work; it is the best kind of play‹that is why you do so well!