Sagittarius: Work Out, Be Philosophical

Easy-going, mellow Sagittarius; ruled by Jupiter, life events rarely get on your nerves. Your style of dealing with change is to periodically review and revise your methods as soon as a warning light beeps. Your only problem may be the flip side of your greatest asset: your optimism. You may, at times, take too rosy a view of things. You like to move ahead quickly. You get easily bored with details. This combination can occasionally trip you up, since you could miss something important or incorrectly judge a situation. Surround yourself with detail/analytical air types (Gemini, Aquarius or Libra) or hire an earth sign (Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn) assistant to balance you. A mutable sign, you are one of the lucky flexible ones that can accept change best. Your fire side of your nature makes you enthusiastic, energetic and creative in thinking up new plans and ideas.

When life becomes just too much, head for the gym. Nothing makes you toss off stress better than a good sweat. Besides pumping iron, taking your dog for a run is great. Your sign is symbolized by the centaur, so try an equestrian sport. Hire a horse for an hour and go for a morning gallop through a park, or learn to play polo. Being outdoors regularly is good for you, for Sagittarius is not a sign known to sit still happily or stay cooped-up inside for too long.

Games of agility such as fencing or archery, could appeal to you as well. There are some Sagittarius that don’t like many sports, but instead, they like to walk. That’s all they do, but they do so much of it, that they leave the rest of us in the dust. When they walk they open the windows of their minds and clear out all the clutter blocking new creative ideas. The unity of mind and body is highly regarded and maintained by Sagittarius.

If you need some entertainment, check the newspaper for an animal show or rodeo, or take a wee one to a day at the circus or a zoo. Sagittarius rules large animals, and it is a rare Sadge that doesn’t enjoy being around pets and rare animals. Hang out with positive spirits like yourself. Choose a Leo, Aries, Gemini, Aquarius or Libra. The water signs are likely to be too emotional for you, and the earth signs too serious (earth “puts out” fire).

Like your opposite sign, Gemini, you enjoy books. Head to the nearest bookseller with a large selection or go to the library. Unlike your opposite sign of Gemini, who likes either to read best sellers or self-help books, you are more likely to gravitate to books that deal with a particular philosophy of life. You may also enjoy inspirational biographies of well-known people who have met life’s challenges with courage, and are willing to share their insights.

Your sign is the natural ruler of the 9th house, and therefore your sign is a reflective one. Having a long discussion with a family priest, rabbi, reverend (or other religious person) or even a professor or other scholar, could prove stimulating. Sagittarius is a give-and-take sign that does not become threatened by other’s differing views. Highly cerebral, you like the process of debate. and hold your own quite well in any discussion. By allowing random or unfamiliar points of view within your radar, you might be able to come up with creative solutions to whatever is causing your tension.

Another Sagittarius activity that would give an instant change of pace would be an evening adult education class. Your sign enjoys learning, so go hear an expert speak about a topic of interest to you at a neighborhood school, university or even a lecture at a local YMCA or bookstore event. The class need not have any information about whatever is troubling you. Try a class on wine tasting, shooting pool, modern American Poetry, Chinese cooking, or anything that interests you.

Finally, think about getting away for a short time if you can spare the time. Like Gemini, Sagittarius is a travel sign. Check your frequent flier mileage or keep an eye out for bargain airline rates. Sometimes it is necessary to get away to see one’s problems with objectivity. A long weekend in London or a five days spent camping in Wyoming would fix you right up, and you could return with an entirely new point of view. Sadge is independent and self-reliant, so if you have nobody to bring along, traveling alone would be no big deal. See Notre Dame at dawn, have a croissant in an outdoor cafe, stroll the Left Bank, stop by the Louvre, take a drive in the French countryside. Sounds good, eh? Think about it, Sadge.