Libra: Socialize, Beautify

In times of stress, Libras have to get out and see friends–the more the better. Libra is not a loner. A cardinal sign, Libras do not have problems accepting change–they just want to be sure their decision is the right one. As air sign, you like to “poll” people around you for an opinion. By taking a consensus you are able to define your own feelings more sharply. Libras are not the dizzy social butterflies they may appear on the surface. Highly intelligent, Libra rarely lets emotion get in the way of the analytical process. They are continually taking in new information and reprocessing it, trying, as the scale tips and dips, to find their center. Thus Libras, like Gemini, are the interviewers of the zodiac.

Libras rely heaviest on their mates and business partners (since Libra is the natural ruler of the 7th house.) You need partners to be the sounding boards to your ideas. If your significant other isn’t in the mood to listen to all the details of what is bothering you, you can fall into a blue funk.

Venus-ruled Libra does best in soothing, beautiful surroundings. Take your laptop out to the garden to work, bring a bouquet of fresh flowers to your desk, add a few personal touches to your hotel room when on a business trip to soften it (a photograph or two would help). This need for harmony and beauty extends to your appearance too. That’s why you will spend some time primping in front of a mirror before a big interview or tough presentation. Don’t let others rag you out for this–looking good works well for Libra. When you look the best you can, you are the best you can be. A perfect thing you can do to feel better is treat yourself to a health or beauty treatment. Something luxurious, like an aromatherapy massage would be great. The place tension first strikes is your lower back (the part of the body Libra rules) so having a back rub would make very good sense.

Your sign would benefit greatly from a day at a health spa (whether deep in the countryside or a fabulous spa in town). Hopefully, it will be a place where light foods are prepared for lunch, and sports or other activities are blended with special treatments to boost your looks. If going to a spa isn’t possible, you should plan a relaxing day at home where you are completely pampered by your spouse or lover. From breakfast in bed, a subsequent seaweed scrub in the shower, a gentle scalp rub and shampoo/conditioner treatment, to warm cream rubbed all over your body–a look of total refreshment will show up on that charming face of yours! (Are there any unattractive Libras? No way!) To top it off, have a memorable dinner for two in an elegant restaurant with soft lighting and flowers. Venus-ruled signs love to eat out, but Libra wants the restaurant to be special.

Some Libras enjoy a good court case since Libra rules the justice system. Find a really good court room drama to read about in a novel, or a rent a court room drama (The Verdict, Twelve Angry Men, Presumed Innocent, Inherit The Wind . . . ) at the video store. Or tune into Court TV on cable. Even if it is a silly case, it might take your mind off your own troubles.

Libra also loves beautiful scent, so finding a new cologne would give Libra an instant lift, female or male. Learning to arrange flowers or improve your gardening skills might appeal to you as well. When it comes to hearing, sensuous Libra excels, so put on whatever music suits your mood. Do you play the guitar, piano, or some other instrument? Perfect! Practice a little, even if you’re rusty. Making music will rejuvenate your soul.

One final thought: since you know so many people, some of them are inevitably famous and successful. Call one or two for an introduction, reference, or just plain old advice–if anyone can do this, it’s you, Libra. After all, as the saying goes, it’s not what you know, but who you know!