Aries: Action is Everything

Mars-ruled Aries, a cardinal sign, puts the emphasis on action, so if you are unable to do something about whatever is causing you stress, it will only make you even more crazy. Still, being a hot-head or acting rash is not in your ultimate interest, as I am sure your friends keep telling you. You are normally pretty good handling change and risk, but because you hate sweating the details, you could be missing something in your overall plan.

Aries is excellent at building strategy. So stop to plot all your options. If you need to prepare your attack (such as bringing a law suit if you feel you’ve been wronged, or asking your accountant to redo your taxes if you there is an error somewhere), outlining the steps you’ll take or listing the pros and cons of a redress is in order. The sheer abundance of your Aries energy (combined with your high- octane adrenaline) can get in your way. Writing things down will force you to slow up and think before acting.

In the meantime, take out your aggressions in highly competitive games, such as one-on-one basketball, squash, handball, boxing, even target shooting at a rifle range. Solo, you can knock yourself out rock climbing, rollerblading, or hang gliding. Attending spectator sports will be less effective, but you could enjoy them. Going to a basketball, baseball or hockey game could be great if you can get completely into the action and holler your lungs out. Attending an air force show might provide an interesting change, as would attending an exciting rodeo (Aries likes displays of courage). A fire sign like yours needs to be consumed by an activity to become temporarily distracted, thus gaining perspective when you return to the day-to- day.

Aries rules the head, so if you find yourself getting headaches cut out Mars-ruled stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, spices, bright lights, loud music or talk, ringing phones and other annoyances until you feel better. Putting a cool cotton squares on your eyes that have been drenched in a gentle tea would be soothing to you. Or get one of those blue gel masks in the drugstore that you put in the refrigerator to chill before you apply it to your weary eyes.

Other ways to get a grip on things would be to hop in the car for a good, long drive, as long as you don’t drink or ignore speed limits (Aries is often tempted to speed–not a good idea–you would only compound your problems.) Many Aries find driving relaxing, but of course, not at rush hour. (As your mother would undoubtedly say, “Use your head!”) Alternatively, you could choose to work on your car–tinkering with the motor, changing the oil–an activity that most Aries find comforting.

Aries is not a loner sign, so get out and socialize–you’ll feel better, honestly. Just be sure to avoid any neurotics, cry babies, or shrinking violets close to you who keep repeating “What are we to do?” You must distance yourself from these nerdy Nellies and stick to positive types till you’ve bounced back from whatever rocked you. A club with that plays fast, energetic techno or salsa music is another sure-fire way to get out of your doldrums.

Finally, stress sometimes transforms Aries into hot, passionate lovers. If this describes you, by all means seduce your willing sweetheart!