The Virgo Woman: August 23 – September 22

The quality people notice first about your Virgo beloved is her alertness and unmistakable intelligence. It has been said that Virgo’s gift is making order out of chaos. Send a Virgo into a hurricane-ravaged town, and in no time they’ve pitched the tents, organized the shipments of food and water, and started clearing the roadways. If it is one thing Virgo does well, it’s organize people and things. If your life is a bit of a hurricane, you’re in luck, for she will provide a willing ear and heaps of amazing practical advice– ideas you will wish you had thought of long ago.

Your Challenge

Virgo women have lists of things to do, and sometimes you could wind up being one more item on her list. Becoming “Priority #10-D” is something to avoid at all costs! Once she writes you into her Filofax as “Sex with James, Thursday @ 9:00 PM” you know you’ve hit bottom, and it is time to do something drastic–and delightful!.

How To Handle Her

Your goal is to allow her to take time to relax and gently pull her away from her everyday cares. She hates being lazy, so accomplishing this isn’t going to be as easy. Like the male Virgo, the female Virgo loathes making love in a hovel, so if this describes your place, you’d better spiff it up. Nothing turns off a Virgo faster than dirt or mess. She isn’t impressed with luxury, so don’t worry about having things “good enough” for her–crisp, just laundered cotton sheets and some soft pillows are fine. But if you don’t get organized, before you know it, she’ll be out of bed and cleaning up the place–the last thing you want her to be doing in her Victoria’s Secret teddy! As good as it sounds, to have some lovely geisha cleaning up your pigsty, think about it. If she’s stacking dishes in the dishwasher, she isn’t making love to you, so get your priorities straight, buddy. Besides, god knows where she’ll “neaten up” your collection of half-dirty basketball shorts TO. So take away the clamor of disorder that distracts her and when she’s with you, you will be all that exists in her world.

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

She adores high fashion and well-made clothing. As the saying goes, “God in the details,” and details are this perfectionist’s forte. Most Virgo women enjoy staying up-to-date on the latest couture trends (she is ruled by Mercury, so she is oriented toward staying current). Yet their appearance will likely be elegant and understated rather than flashy, often choosing neutrals over bright colors. She likes to dress up, so think of a nice restaurant where she can wear some of her new things. Tattered jeans and polo shirts are not her style.

Buy her an article of clothing or piece jewelry that is high fashion but enduring, top quality, like a Tiffany or Cartier watch that she can treasure for years. (She’s madly punctual, so what better gift?). Her sign rules jade, the stone of fidelity, so a ring or pendant made of that stone is especially meaningful. You could alternatively give her a beauty service, like a year of manicures and pedicures (Virgo likes her nails fastidiously groomed) or six months of a personal trainer (fitness is a big thing with her) and still make a big hit with her.

In love, she is highly ethical and idealistic, so don’t be surprised if your Virgo comes to you with little sexual experience. She’s just very discriminating about who she will give her heart and body to. Don’t think that means she lacks passion. Quite the contrary! Virgos are just better at controlling their intense, smoldering feelings, but once released, watch out! When she finds a man she is willing to devote her life to, she can be a tiger in bed. Her secret strength is that she communicates her needs well and will also listen closely to, and act on, what her lover needs.

Since Virgo prizes cleanliness so much, seduce her with a bubble bath for two. Set dozens of softly-scented votive candles around the bathroom and be sure to have some thick, luxurious towels nearby. A bottle of champagne would be good to have on hand, as would a bowl of finger fruits–grapes, strawberries, raspberries–to feed her one by one. After your bath, give her a full body massage. Later, when you make love, be sure to talk to her during sex because nothing as erotic to her as her vivid imagination. Describe places and situations where you would like to make love to her down to the tiniest details. (When she begins asking questions to keep you taking about a certain scenario, you’re on the right track).