The Capricorn Man: December 22 – January 19

When Henry Kissinger said “Power is the greatest aphrodisiac” he sounded like a Capricorn, even though he isn’t (he’s Gemini). Your Capricorn lover is highly ambitious and very hardworking, so be prepared to endure some nights alone while he stays late at the office. All those long hours, however, will pay off, and your future lifestyle together is likely to be mighty interesting. Capricorns tend to achieve positions of power and surround themselves with highly successful friends and associates. Unlike Aries who needs to own his own business, Capricorn likes working as part of the team in large corporations and usually climbs up through the ranks there. The Capricorn man is excellent with finances so chances are money will never be a problem with him.

Your challenge:

Your man likes successful women, and will say to himself, “Can I introduce her to my boss?” You will have to reassure him he can, and further, that you’ll actually improve his career prospects. (The higher he goes, the more his significant other will count.)

How To Handle Him

In love, your Capricorn man’s most enduring quality is his unexpected, silly sense of humor. This is such a different side of his ambitious and driven personality that it will catch you off guard. Don’t ever be afraid to laugh in bed, for you will endear yourself to Mr. Capricorn forever. Lovemaking does not have to be serious all the time.

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

Capricorns are status conscious, so when choosing a gift, be sure to chose something from a fine retailer. Alternatively, Capricorn rules history, so an antique gold coin, rare letter autographed by an American president or a best seller on an historical subject would be terrific.

When taking him to dinner, suggest that you meet at his college club, country club or even the Republican Club (my apologies to Caps who are Democrats–I’m just trying to make a point). Or choose a fine, established restaurant that looks like a club, with wood paneling and a low-key, moneyed ambiance. Eating chicken and peas doesn’t bother him–he is used to it from all the industry dinners he regularly attends.

Since he wants a Grace Kelly-type rich girl, beg, borrow or rent a luxurious mink coat (he has no qualms about you wearing fur like Aquarius does). Wear it securely closed with nothing on underneath but your finest jewelry, lacy bra, panties and garter belt with lace top black stockings. Of course you will want to apply your most elegant and sophisticated makeup. Carry a proper handbag, and wear your darkest and most glamorous sunglasses. Don’t forget your stiletto heels, of course–this is no time for sensible shoes. Hail a cab to where he works (he is happy there and in his element) and, walking into his office unannounced, close the door purposefully (you’ve told his secretary to hold all calls). Whether you leave the blinds up or down is up to you, but be sure to play out his greatest fantasies. He will never forget this day!