Sagittarius Woman

This woman is active and athletic, so give her a gym membership or a stack of new fitness videos. She might like to learn a new sport, so you could provide the lessons (karate? horseback riding? spinning?). In fact, any kind of classes would interest the Sagittarius woman, so look through some brochures and catalogs and find something that would intrigue her, from learning Italian to Chinese cooking, all the way to the ultimate gift: grad school.

For clothes, she prefers easy, comfortable sportswear that she can mix and match. She may need a garment fold-over suitcase (long, for a women’s clothes) to bring on her many trips or a passport holder in a buttery, fine leather. She’s ultra-modern, so a digital camera, where she can pop her photos onto her homepage could really interest her! There are several affordable models on the market. A sporty Navigator watch would be much appreciated. She’s sporty, so a pair of boots from a fine retailer would make her happy. Or, how about a new pair of sneakers?

She’s highly intelligent, so if you buy her a book, choose a current, controversial title you can debate together later. Like her male counterpart, she’d adore tickets to the circus, the more exotic the troupe the better. Her sign rules the turquoise, so look for an unusual piece with that stone which is lucky for her. A new kitten or puppy would cater to her love of animals.