Fitness for Sagittarius

Your Ruling Planet: Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the happy and optimistic planet.

The Part Of The Body Your Sign Rules: Sagittarius rules the hips.

Your Metabolism: High.

Your Health Profile:

Lucky Sagittarius! Being a Sadge almost guarantees that you’ll excel in at least one sport. More Olympic champions are Sagittarius than any other sign. You’ve got a lot going for you: strength, your own natural rhythm, speed and the confidence you’ll win (Jupiter sees to that). Outgoing, funny and social, you enjoy being with friends when you exercise and like a little friendly rivalry to engage your active mind.

Sports like archery, fencing, rock climbing (or wall climbing in a gym), polo, horseback riding, or white river rafting would keep you focused and excited while you’re getting fit. It’s not by chance I mention equestrian sports: your symbol is the Centaur: half man, half horse, so you and horses can share a special affinity. Sagittarius rules travel, so hiking, camping, rock climbing, canoeing–anything that will keep you in locomotion–are good.

There isn’t a sport you wouldn’t try and as a result, your body is probably the envy of your friends. Sagittarius intuitively feels the link between body and mind and regularly seeks ways to strengthen both.

Your biggest weakness: butter and other fats. Ruled by Jupiter, you could be drawn to rich foods. Since your sign rules the hips, that’s where the excess pounds will wind up if you’re a woman, and if you’re a guy, you’ll begin to see “love handles.” You don’t like limits or restrictions, which can sabotage your determination to slim down. Luckily, most Sadges move around so much, they tend to lose fat easily if they put their minds to it.

Do calisthenics if you can’t get to the sports you love. Take calcium early in life to keep bones (and especially hip and pelvic bones) strong.

Your Biggest Asset:

Your eagerness to try new things, your innate strength and your curiosity about how far you can go.

What Drives You Crazy:

“Don’t Fence Me In” is your song, cowpoke. The great outdoors was made just for you.

Health Risks:

Being too undisciplined to exercise when you should, but don’t feel like it. Excuses, excuses…