Fitness for Pisces

Your Ruling Planet: Neptune, the planet governing dance, dreams, and meditation. Ancient astrologers also believed Pisces had a co-ruler: the happy, optimistic planet Jupiter.

The Part Of The Body Your Sign Rules: Pisces rules the feet.

Your Metabolism: Low

Your Health Profile:

Modern-day culture’s emphasis on a slim, fit body is a bit odd for Pisces, who often lives so fully in their imagination. Your mind is so active that sometimes you’re a little shocked to remember you have a body you have to care for. When you are in one of your intense, creative modes, you can be light-years away from your physical self. But this doesn’t have to be a problem: try one of the new virtual reality workout programs: they’re new, and you can use your rich imagination to keep you motivated!

If you want to lose weight, again, give yourself a goal you can visualize in your mind: put a Polaroid of the way you look now or a photo of someone who’s physique you admire up on the fridge (over the ice cream!) Pisces are masters of creative visualization–use this to your advantage!

Pisces isn’t interested in exercise for exercise’s sake. Thumping along in silent misery is pointless! To keep you interested, you’ll want an additional payoff, like lively, rhythmic music (your sign rules music and dance), or good-looking workout clothes that make you feel sexy instead of dumpy (your sign is also highly visual.) So for all you Pisces who must exercise solo: stick a tape of Sergeant Pepper or Carmen in the boom box and sing along while you chug away on the stairmaster, treadmill or rowing machine.

Your sign has a heightened sensuality, so whatever you do for your body has to “feel good.” This is one reason Pisces overeat. They fall in love with the tastes of the food and forget they are no longer hungry. Treat yourself to a sensuous aromatherapy massage after a workout, or buy some good body products to enjoy in the shower. Don’t forget to bring your radio or CD player with earphones to the gym.

Swimming, ice skating, canoeing, rowing, water skiing, surfing might appeal to the Fish, as could aqua-aerobics classes. Hate water? Run along a pretty beach. Be sure your shoes that fit properly because Pisces’ feet is their weakest part of their body. Shoe sizes change over time, even years after we’ve “grown up”! Step aerobic classes could also be a good bet. Since Pisces is the ruler of the feet, try ballet, jazz or other type of dance as a natural way to work out–but remember, if you feel pain you may have to decide between your natural ability and your natural vulnerability.

Always helpful to others, caring Pisces absorbs other’s feelings like a sponge, and negativity can wear you down. You need time alone to center yourself. Exercise could become your most precious time for yourself. The quiet, meditative qualities of yoga could appeal to Fish. Pisces is also interested in all things from the Orient, including Tai chi.

Because your ruler Neptune also governs drugs, you could experience confusion about the side effects of various medicines. Ask first before you take anything new. Water retention is a problem for Pisces, and since most Fish love salt, the problem only gets worse. Avoid alcohol in excess too because it will dehydrate you.

Your Biggest Asset:

Amazing grace and coordination with almost no puffed-up vanity because of it. Enjoy!

What Drives You Crazy:

You don’t like having people watch you exercise–especially if they then critique your performance. You want privacy. Allow instruction and guidance from your coach or personal trainer, but tell your friends to hold their two cents.

Health Risks:

An occasional lack of self-discipline can fall in the way of your fitness program or healthful diet. Also, don’t let lack of confidence stop you from trying something new. Everyone looks silly sometimes–who cares? If you doubt me, check out professional athletes and dancers–they miss, slice, strikeout, fall and fumble all the time in their quest for perfection!