Fitness for Leo

Your Ruling Planet: The Sun, the giver of life, which gives you strength, vitality and confidence.

The Part Of The Body Your Sign Rules: Leo rules the heart, back and spine.

Your Metabolism: Medium to high.

Your Health Profile:

A fire sign, Leo is known to be happy and warmhearted. Keep your heart healthy and fit with good nutrition and frequent aerobic exercise. You’re happiest in a social setting, so don’t work out alone. Join a health club or exercise class to get the best results. Leo loves music too, so you probably would like to work out to lively music. Lionesses especially love to move to music, so try going out dancing, maybe to a techno rave or a salsa club. Male Leos like macho, commanding sports, so if you’re king of the beasts get in touch with your animal nature by learning how to kickbox!

You will love the attentions of your own personal trainer, and be insured of great results! Anything tailored just to your needs and tastes will give you support and confidence–and a chance to achieve your personal best. Note this also applies to coaches: for sports like tennis and golf.

Leo needs exercise that strengthens his or her spine and back. Leo also needs to maintain agility. Power walking could be useful on both counts as well as Pilates, Yoga or calisthenics classes. Since your sign adores fun and games, hit the park for strenuous athletic fun, such as basketball, or organize a softball team. Sign up to compete on a regular basis–it won’t feel like a regimen this way. Leo doesn’t like to be in a routine rut. When you travel, pick warm climates. Leos as a rule don’t like to feel cold or clammy.

In terms of eating, you don’t like to fuss too much, unless you’re putting on a lavish spread for company. Your favorite way of handling dinner is to order out or go to a restaurant to eat, because you enjoy being served. Collect takeout menus of places that have healthful, low-fat meals. This will help you avoid falling into the fast-food trap. All those tacos will create havoc with your sleek, muscular, leonine form! Like Libra, Leo likes to party, but too much alcohol and frequent late hours will drag you down quickly. Learn when you need to say when.

Your Biggest Asset:

Looking good. Face it: vanity is your most powerful motivation.

What Drives You Crazy:

Working out anywhere that’s too cold is not good (after all, you are ruled by the Sun!), whether it is indoors or out. Forget skiing (snow is not usually your “thing”), hockey or figure skating. Instead go rollerblading, biking, or horseback riding out on the open range! Also, sitting in a windowless cubicle for too long without a break will make you out of sorts. Especially in winter, be sure you get your daily dose of sunshine to combat the blues.

Health Risks:

Your enthusiasm peaks quickly and sometimes cannot be sustained. Avoid burnout by commiting to a varied program of cross-training to insure you’re always doing something you like.