Fitness for Gemini

Your Ruling Planet: Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the communicative, inquisitive planet that guides rational and intellectual thinking. The element Mercury is also nicknamed “quicksilver” because it changes form in the flash of an eye.

The Part Of The Body Your Sign Rules: Gemini rules the nervous system, as well as the arms, shoulders, hands and lungs.

Your Metabolism: High

Your Health Profile:

Spontaneity is one of your greatest assets, but it can do you in when dinner time rolls around and you find (1) you don’t have anything healthy to eat in the house and (2) you have no interest in cooking something healthy even if you did have the ingredients. Eating too many processed foods and TV dinners can make you feel lousy, as my Gemini editor can attest.

Gemini is always doing two things at once. When you eat, rather than read or talk, concentrate on the flavors. Otherwise you might not remember having eaten at all! Luckily, your sign is usually slim. This is because you were born with an abundance of nervous energy and are normally in perpetual motion. But being slim does not always translate into being healthy. Resolve to eat more fresh foods. Gemini is the sign of the writer, so if you discover your behind has welded itself to the chair in front of your computer, be sure to pry yourself away, and get up and go. Brisk exercise will help your mood as well as your health!

If you ever find yourself with a weight problem at all, it is because of nervous tension. You tend to eat quickly, obsessively, to calm yourself down. At those times, you find yourself consuming crunchy foods (popcorn, pretzels, chips) to get out your aggression. Try eating a crisp, fresh apple instead.

The lungs and upper part of your body needs strengthening, so start doing some aerobics or jogging. Working out on the Nautilus or Nordic Track would be ideal. Gemini likes quick, active sports that stress agility rather than anything slow and meditation-like (like yoga), which might make you fidgety (there are exceptions, of course). Since you are prone to bronchial problems, you need to take extra-good care of your lungs, and avoid anything that could lessen their ability to perform! You know what that means, so I won’t be your Mom and tell you again: don’t smoke!

All Gemini are prone to illnesses that stem from nervous tension. Therefore, it is more important for you than most signs to find ways to unwind and keep life in its proper perspective. If you can afford to, get away frequently on weekends. The change of scene will give you gentle stimulation and relax you at the same time. Vitamin B complex addresses anxiety, so make sure you get enough–take more if you think you are lacking. Small frequent meals might give you more energy than one or two big ones–as long as they are nutritious and not junk food!

Oddly enough, tension goes not to your neck so much as to your hands and fingers (probably because you are at the keyboard all the time–like now!) Women Gemini may want to treat themselves to soothing, hot cream manicures. Gemini guys can talk their sweethearts into extra-long arm and hand massages–with special attention from the elbow to fingers–with special oils and creams.

Your Biggest Asset:

Versatility and flexibility. Gemini needs variety to keep from getting bored, so keep switching your routine. Your agility is legendary, so physical activities such as aerobics, dance, gymnastics, basketball, or tennis should be lots of fun for you. P.S.: You always look younger than you are–lucky Twin!

What Drives You Crazy:

Same-old, same old. You need change, so avoid anything too routine.

Health Risks:

Flip-flopping from one fitness program to another without properly learning the first and seeing whether it works or not.