Fitness for Cancer

Your Ruling Planet: Cancer is ruled by the moon, the planet that governs emotion, compassion and the nurturing of others.

The Part Of The Body Your Sign Rules: Cancer governs the stomach and for women, the breasts.

Your Metabolism: Low

Your Health Profile:

Cancers worry, and when they do, their tummies feel it first. This is due to a sensitive stomach. Never eat when you are emotionally stirred-up. Some Cancers overeat in an effort to find comfort from food, other Cancers avoid food altogether when emotionally upset. Find a course for yourself that is moderate, neither too little or too much eating when you’re not feeling your best.

Cancer is sensitive to the phases of the moon, which can cause them to feel moody. Give yourself–and others–a little slack near full moon periods! You may need a little more privacy during that time. Be sure you are getting enough of the vitamin B series of nutrients, which help you deal with stress.

Cancers have a very sensual nature–more so than many of the other signs. If a sport or exercise program “feels” good in a physical sense, it is likely to stay a part of your routine. You may love water sports, since Cancer is a water sign and finds being near water is akin to going back to the womb. Don’t disregard the power of water for you–it works magic on your nerves. Swim, run on the beach, sail, wind surf, or try white water rafting–anything water-related! Avoid fitness programs that are overly-regimented, which you will rebel against. You particularly like exercise that has a steady, rhythmic flow. Aqua-cize, calesthenics that are done in a pool using the weight of the water as resistence, could be soothing and strengthening at the same time.

Cancer may be the most nurturing sign of the zodiac, but creating and tasting those delicious meals you cook up for your loved ones may be hard on your waistline. Don’t stop cooking–you enjoy it and you’re great at it! Instead, switch to lighter fare. Check out recipes that combine great flavor with interesting texture (Cancer’s standard of excellence) and experiment!

Women: watch your salt intake. You could have particular problems with water retention, giving you painful breasts and increasing the symptoms of PMS. Schedule yearly mammograms after the age of 40, sooner if there is a family history indicating possible problems. Careful with your eating habits, as I mentioned above. If you develop an eating disorder, get help.

Finally, Cancer men and women of all nationalities have some of the most radiant, beautiful and translucent skin, which usually makes them look younger than they are. However, since a Cancer’s skin is delicate, it could be damaged by sun. (After all, moonlight is your specialty–not daylight!) Be sure to regularly use a moisturizer that includes a sun screen, even if you live in a northern climate with gentle light.

Your Biggest Asset:

A strong sixth sense. Let your intuition guide you to the right sport or workout rather than be influenced by the latest trend.

What Drives You Crazy:

Interruptions. You need to work out somewhere where others won’t distract you–or bug you.

Health Risks:

Allowing yourself to become so busy taking care of everyone else’s needs that you forget to care for yourself. Also, Cancer has a propensity to look back with regret. Keep your eyes on the horizon, Cancer, not what happened in the past! For example, if you were heavy and out-of-condition as a child, you can still reinvent yourself, making yourself slim and fit now.