VIRGO (August 23-September 22)

You are best known for your remarkable ability to create clear, instantly understandable communication. Your words sing with color, and people are compelled to listen to all you have to say. The words in your vocabulary are like jewels—unique and elegantly refined—and they make your manuscripts dazzle. As you write, you choose each word for just the right meaning. For you, nothing is done offhand or casually, but deliberately and with care. Some of our finest editors, writers, proofreaders, advertising copywriters, publicists, television producers, and other professionals in the art of conveying information are Virgos. No surprise there!

You are organized and reliable, and your practical, good common sense is often the reason for your core success. Friends may espouse good ideas and concepts, but many will have difficulty making them materialize because they can’t quite shape them into instantly do-able projects. You can always get yours approved because you can see the big picture, and you know exactly what will work and won’t work in a dynamic world. Rescue services want you at the helm during a major societal emergency, for while others will be running in circles like Chicken Little screaming, “The sky is falling,” you stay coolheaded and map out your blueprints. People depend on you, and you are not one to let them down. You have fine-tuned your organizational skills to a high art, and few can match you on that score.

Your active mind seeks to analyze, categorize, and perfect nearly everything that passes your gaze. Your open willingness to redo parts of your projects is admirable. Your friends may ask why you stay focused on your assignments long after others would have proclaimed theirs to be “good enough.” Good enough is never good enough for you, for you are always striving for polished perfection. Friends say you can’t attain perfection, but in your continual attention to detail, you stun them by often reaching it, and you rise to stardom as a result. You are quite modest about the excellence of your work too, a quality others find lovable in you. (Most people would proclaim their accomplishments from the rooftops.) Indeed, you are a ball of sparkling energy, so it is no wonder others want you in their corner.

Virgo is the sign of health and nutrition, among the few signs that are dedicated to eating right and getting enough exercise. You usually have a supply of fresh fruits and vegetables on hand, along with grains and other good-for-you foods. You were born at the time of the harvest, when the fresh, most delicious produce reaches peak flavor and ripeness. The ancient astrologers wrote that your birth season explains your industriousness, for it was necessary to pick the fruit off the vine quickly before it withered, for if it did, all of nature’s hard work would go to waste. This need to be productive and focused are traits you carry within you to this day.

You are not one to make excuses—if you have a goal or a task to perform, you get to it quickly and deal with it thoroughly. Organization and commitment to goals are big priorities for you. For example, when you create a fitness program, you stick to it. Friends may say they are too tired to follow their routine, but not you. It’s no wonder you radiate. Everyone wants to know your secret, but it’s pure discipline and consistency, along with great health habits. You say it’s simple—and for you, it is!

You may take your refined motor skills for granted, but others marvel at your handiwork. Few can keep up with you. You may sew, knit, crochet, play a musical instrument, do quilting or woodworking, cook magnificently, turn out beautiful illustrations, or paint, or you may have learned the graceful art of calligraphy. You may simply use your remarkable small motor skills by typing on your keyboard as fast as the wind.

In love, too many descriptions of Virgo women paint you as a librarian, wearing outdated clothes and grandma shoes. This could not be further from the truth. Just the opposite—French couture and the city of Paris are ruled by Virgo. Male Virgos look quietly elegant, investing in suits and other garments that will stand the test of time.

Designers know that fit is king, and you do, too. You also know that a quality garment has beautiful buttons, superbly crafted buttonholes, linings, and other details and that garments made with fabrics with prints and plaids are meticulously matched when seamed—this is a dead giveaway for less beautifully made clothing, briefcases, and handbags. Virgo women prefer ladylike fashions and often favor small prints, for those are ruled by Mercury, your guardian planet.

Neutral colors like teal, periwinkle, black, white, hunter green, and navy recall the colors of sunset at the month of your birth. Neutrals allow you to wear your wardrobe through many seasons and over several years, and because you’re an economical sign, investing in quality appeals to you. Your favorite outfits are your friends, for they never fail to bring you compliments.

In love, you know how to reach the center of your intended partner’s heart by being attentive and sympathetic and finding fun activities to continue to do together, no matter if you are single or married. Virgo is loyal and faithful, for acting ethically is always a priority to you. You make a loving mother or father and fulfill all the parent-teacher requirements by going to conferences, attending school plays and recitals, and generally showing an active interest in your children.

In private, let’s just say you are the opposite of that staid librarian with outdated eyeglasses that too many texts have used to describe you. Virgo women likely own at least one or two magnificent bra and panty sets, and are quite sexy in private. Men and women Virgos are never one to kiss and tell, and the thought of a reality TV show about you horrifies you. To Virgo, what’s private stays private. Your partner will love you and be proud of you throughout your years together. You are your partner’s secret and one to treasure.