TAURUS (April 20 -May 20)

You are strong, rock solid, reliable, practical, patient, and the master builder-producer of the zodiac. While other signs may offer concepts and ideas at a meeting, Taurus will listen quietly and then at some point say, “Give me a deadline, a crew, and a budget, and I will get things done—precisely to specifications.” Taurus is the sign that turns ideas into tangible reality. As a Taurus, you take your time in making decisions, but once you make up your mind, you won’t waffle or second-guess yourself. Taurus has what is in short supply in this world—common sense, and in many ways, this quality in you is the direct reason for your success. Taurus cannot operate in a chaotic environment—to be your best, you must have a safe, solid environment that allows you to think.

You are considered the most sensual sign of the zodiac, for if Aries symbolizes the newborn baby and the most essential elements of the life force, Taurus typifies the toddler who has not yet learned language but explores the world through his or her senses. This talent stayed within you as you grew up. Lunching with a friend, you will say, “You simply must taste this dish! Here, give me your fork, and I will give you a taste!” or “What a beautiful blouse you are wearing! I must feel the fabric! Is it silk?” After seeing a movie, you’ll ask, “Didn’t you love the soft background music in the last scene?” Your senses are very acute.

As a Taurus, you love comfort, so you surround yourself with fresh flowers and plants, many plump, goose down pillows on your bed with the finest sheets, imported chocolates on the bed stand, and perfume in the air. Taurus uses scent with the skill of a wizard, and you can feel the sense of smell—one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts. Your interest in food is legendary—you close your eyes when you first bite into a restaurant meal and love guessing the spices and ingredients in the dish like a pro. Your sensual side would enjoy working in the spa services industry or as a sommelier (wine steward), professional perfumer, or as a professional taster for quality control, for example, for chocolate truffles (Taurus’ favorite). You would also do fabulously well in landscape design and gardening.

In ancient days, Taurus was the sign closely tied to agriculture and the land. Today, this emphasis on land has led to success in the real estate, stock market, and insurance industries, for financial skill is a talent you carry within you. Being deliberative and conservative, it is no wonder others trust you with their personal and corporate budgets, for you are not one to squander them or act impulsively. As a Taurus, you have a superb chance of accumulating wealth in your lifetime.

When choosing clothing, you prize quality and are likely to be drawn to buying investment pieces—beautifully cut, flattering trousers, skirts, jackets, and dresses that will take you through many seasons and years. A look into your wardrobe will show that both sexes prefer neutrals, such as white, taupe, oatmeal, mushroom, pecan, walnut, sand, warm beige, pale and deep grey, chocolate, cream, Frappuccino, and rich tones of navy and black.