SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)

You are a water sign and the embodiment of the axiom, “Still waters run deep.” You rarely give an indication of what you are thinking, adding to your aura of power and mystery. You are a superb listener, so you ask many questions of those you meet, and at the end of the meeting, you will know plenty about the person with whom you’ve engaged, but they will know very little or nothing at all about you. You realize knowledge and information are valuable, and of all the signs, you are among the most competitive and the shrewdest, the reason you give so little up about yourself.

Your ruling planet Pluto teaches you to laser-beam your energy to singular goals and never to squander energy in many directions. When a new fashion trend surfaces, you decide whether it will make you more glamorous, enchanting, or magnetic—or not—for you see no purpose in following trends that do not add to your charisma. You dress in an understated style and often reach for a “uniform” in your wardrobe in black, dark navy, maroon, or eggplant, all tones that flatter your coloring and add to your aura of authority.

Scorpios make great negotiators. You home in on what the other party wants, for you understand motivation better than any other sign. You will not spend frivolous time on topics that don’t matter to the other party. Nine times out of ten, the other party gradually agrees, and a deal is crystalized. Being economical when it comes to time and money is very important to you, for you are one of the financial signs, along with Taurus and Capricorn. You are particularly skilled in finding ways to make other people’s money multiply for your own purposes, and consequently make a handsome commission.

Some people are afraid of you, but that’s because they know so little about you, so they project qualities onto you that may or may not be real. The truth is that as a water sign, your ability to be compassionate, loyal, and loving knows no end. Tell a Scorpio a secret, and you can be sure it will be kept secret—you are the most discreet sign of the zodiac. (This is why Scorpio is so well suited to working for the CIA, in law enforcement, or as a prosecutor.) The Scorpion, your emblem, only uses his sting in dire circumstances, to protect his species. You have two other emblems—that of the snake, which transforms himself when he sheds his skin, and the phoenix, rising majestically from the ashes of defeat.

Scorpio is known to be the sexiest sign of the zodiac, but keeps a reserved outward image, while being quite passionate in the bedroom. Each sign rules a different part of the body, and for Scorpio, it’s the reproductive organs, the reason why you have built a reputation for being so hypnotic and enchanting. Your gaze could launch a thousand ships and light a nation to your cause. Dear Scorpio, your originality and aura of mystery make you a legend in your own time—and quite unforgettable.