SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)

You are considered the international traveler who needs to be free to pack and go in any direction at a moment’s notice. Ruled by expansive, fortunate, lucky Jupiter, you think big and broad, and you aim high, just as the centaur (half-man, half-horse), your emblem, does by pointing his bow and arrow high. Remarkably, you fully expect to hit all your lofty aims and do, time after time.

Sagittarius’ link to an arrow has other manifestations. You believe in total honesty, but at times you forget to temper your thoughts. When a friend asks for your opinion about something—“Do I look fat in this outfit?”—out comes your expression of unvarnished truth, much to your friend’s horror. You often seem genuinely surprised at the force of the response, and so, puzzled, you respond, “What did I say? What? It’s the truth, and you wanted the truth!” Just about everyone has found themselves at the pointy end of your arrow, so it might be a good idea to make an effort to be more diplomatic to avoid hurting others’ feelings. Friends will always love you for your generosity, perpetual optimism, and easy-going free spirit.

You approach all matters with an intense intellectualism, and you love a good debate to see all facets of a matter. You are particularly philosophical and will tackle the deepest questions, even those that involve the mysteries of life. It’s fun to sit with you in an old-fashioned coffeehouse over an espresso and pastry to discuss a point that has no firm answer, but many possible interpretations, most likely those you read about written by the great thinkers of the world.

The viewpoint of other cultures fascinates you, and many Sagittarians choose to live in another country for at least a short time, if not longer, for you quite effortlessly fit in. You are interested in the dogma of other religions and may spend time studying the various ways different cultures approach faith. Gemini, your opposite sign, loves to collect information on a daily basis, but the difference in your sign is that you look at the entire picture of life and all the detail that is collected and ask, what does this all mean?

Sagittarius rules the ninth house of higher education, so many members of your sign opt for an advanced degree, even if it requires years of night-school study. Your intellectual mind that loves to probe various concepts often brings you to work in publishing or broadcasting, fields that require accuracy and continual sifting to find the core of truth. Teaching at a university would also be a fine position for you.

It is said that Sagittarius is the great storyteller of the zodiac, spinning complex, fascinating page-turner novels that become blockbuster bestsellers. If you have a book you want to write—start. Large-scale movie presentations are also fortunate for you—keep your instinct for sweeping vistas and big screen ideas.

In fashion, you tend to follow your own drummer. You love jeans and casual wear—you practically invented the American look of well-fitting jeans and a crisp white shirt. You love ethnic looks and collect interesting and well-made clothing and jewelry as you travel, putting together a look that is unique to you. Being comfortable is a main priority for you are always on the go, traveling through many climates and conditions, often within a week. For that reason, you need to be practical and also sure to follow the customs of the country you are visiting. Sagittarius will go to the most exotic, even dangerous, places on earth in order to learn, grow, and understand the planet.

Generally, an early marriage is not a priority for your sign, for you fear having your wings clipped and being weighed down by family responsibilities before you’ve had time to see the world. However, if you marry a partner who loves travel as much as you do, you will make a fabulous pair and build a life of adventure that need never end. Children in tow, you’ll form a family of discussion, questions, and learning—a fascinating upbringing that the rest of us can only imagine from afar and admire with wonder.