LEO (July 23-August 22)

Your warmth and golden heart could dissolve the polar ice caps, dear Leo. Generous, creative, enthusiastic, expansive, and exuberant, it is no wonder others love to be around you. Leo never lost touch with their inner child, and it’s the secret to your well-known flair for entertainment and the arts. You were born at the time of the year when the workers in the field had to wait for the heat of the Sun to cool, and the seeds planted earlier in May wouldn’t be ready to harvest until September. To pass the time, Leo developed theatrical skills to entertain the crew, and you still carry those talents within you. Even if you are not an artist or entertainer, these talents give you a wonderful sense of humor, and when you attend a party, others are drawn to you like moths to a flame.

Leo is known to have an exquisite sense of color and design, and ruled by the Sun, you prize uniqueness above all. You are born under the sign that produces many sought-after fashion designers, as well as those who design websites and books. Leos are known as talented composers, theatrical stage directors, and costume, lighting, and set designers. Because of your memorable way of demonstrating a concept, Leos make great teachers, as well as enthusiastic managers and commanding courtroom lawyers. Leo’s association with the Sun, your ruler, allows you to succeed in the luxury goods industries—from marketing champagne, designer clothes and shoes, and precious jewelry, to estates and castles, ultra-high end automobiles, and yachts.

Your style in dress is sophisticated and dramatic, with care paid to every fashionable detail. Leo aims high—you would rather have one designer dress (or for men, a designer suit) than a closet full of lesser-made outfits. Leo women enjoy wearing gold, scarlet, and purple, colors that help you stand out in a crowd, just as the queen did in ancient days when she made public appearances to her subjects. (Those colors were rare and expensive. In an age with no television or paparazzi to document the appearance, the king and queen had to be easily spotted by everyone.) You love wearing dramatic all-white or all-black, too. Your favorite fabrics include silk, silk taffeta, charmeuse, wool blends, and gabardine, and you favor looks that have authority, designed with a striking cut. Male Leos wear hip, expensive clothing that comes straight from the runway from edgy designers.

Romantically, Leo loves to be in love. The whole ritual of dating, if done correctly—and with a touch of mystery—is a thrilling experience to the Lion or Lioness. This need never goes away, even after years of marriage. Women Leos want to be wined and dined and sent roses, precious gems, perfumes, and expensive lingerie. From time to time, you will suggest you go together to a luxury hotel or chateau in the country where you can enjoy candlelight dinners and privacy all weekend. Most Leos love to dress up when attending an important cultural function, like the opera or an art opening, and want to see that their date or mate has made the effort, too.

Male Leos look dashing in a designer custom-tailored tuxedo. You’d also love to wear a handmade suit, with fine fabric you have carefully chosen.

Whether you are male or female, remember to bring your stylish dark sunglasses, even at night. The paparazzi will always follow you. You may not be famous (yet), but with your sense of style, you will always look like you have already made it to the top.