CANCER (June 22-July 22)

It’s been said that everyone wants a Cancer mother or father. Children coming home from school will arrive to a Cancer mother working in the kitchen and the smell of cookies in the oven (or her direction to ask her babysitter to make those wonderful cookies) and a willing father to help them with homework. This would be true even if the Cancer parent works hard and arrives home late—love and care for children in the home are always a Cancer parent’s first priority. Warm, memorable holidays that center around the children are Cancer’s delight—endearing and memorable. Few signs can match the imaginative, loving celebrations that a Cancer parent can create.

When it comes to nurturing the members of your cozy family unit, including your partner, your mother, sisters and brothers, and other members of the family, you are unsurpassed. You will do all you can to defend the honor of any one of your clan, and when a family member is in need, no request will be too large, for Cancer will move heaven and earth to provide comfort and, if needed, financial support for that person. This love of family endears you to others because you are not one to miss a school play or recital and may even have to hastily rearrange your business schedule so as to not disappoint the little ones in the nest.

Cancer is known to be one of the financial signs, talented in business. Your secret weapon is your sixth sense, for in a negotiation, you will intuitively hone ways you can create a better deal for both sides. Many Cancers use this talent by working as stockbrokers, financial advisors, or investors, or in sales in any industry. There are many other professions inside and outside of business that are well suited to Cancer. Your sensitivity and empathy for others lead some Cancers to the nursing, birthing, and maternity industries. Other Cancers are found in social work, agencies that assist in adoptions, home-care workers, and as fertility doctors. You will also find many Cancers in hotel hospitality, the food and restaurant business, home decorating, and architecture. Your emotional range and depth are so broad and deep that you could join the ranks of many award-winning Cancer actors too, if a more artistic field appeals to you.

In fashion, you observe the latest runway looks but insist that you dress to reveal the real “you” inside, and for female Cancers, that usually means spotlighting your soft, feminine side. Your clothes tend to be silky with a bit of sheen, reminiscent of moonlight, for you are ruled by the moon. Or you may favor chiffon, gauze, or other soft fabrics that can be draped. Cancer skin is legendary, and you may like dresses with soft, portrait necklines. Your colors are those found at the seashore on a starlit night, such as silvery tea green, smoky, pale grey, and softened, silvery blue on fabrics that pick up light, recalling the elegant soft colors found in a seashell and the luster of the magical, perfect pearl found within. Male Cancers favor a conservative but sharp look in pinstripes, white shirt, and smart tie. Casual environments promote soft cashmere sweaters, well-made wool blend trousers, or sporty Ralph Lauren casual wear.