Ninth House

The ninth house rules long-distance travel, most typically international in nature, as well as global trade. This house rules foreign people and international places and relationships, immigration (including matters involving citizenship, passport, residency, and visas), and the many languages of the world. As a basically intellectual house, it covers higher education—college and graduate school and their various degrees.

At the foundation of this house is curiosity, a broad view of life, and need to learn more about people and places in the world. The ancient astrologers believed international travel was the best way to learn and gain insight about life and the many cultures of the world. This is why travel and higher education are both placed in this house.

The ninth house covers both taking in information and sharing the expertise that was learned. In that respect, it is logical that the ninth house is also associated with publishing and broadcasting, including digital forms.

Inherent in this process of learning and study is the matter of weighing (and verifying) information received and then pondering on what was learned through reflection, deep thinking and thorough debate. For that reason, the ninth house rules philosophy and the intellectual tenants of religion (one’s religious belief, however, is ruled by the twelfth house).

The ninth house rules factual books and imaginative literature, the law and the courts, and all academic matters. All study in depth—the “higher mind” and mental exploration—is covered by the ninth house. For this reason, moral and ethical matters are centered in the ninth house, too.

Of the various people in your life, grandchildren are found in the ninth house.

The ninth sector is ruled by happy and optimistic Jupiter and the sign Sagittarius.