I just upgraded my iPhone, and I can’t transfer my AstrologyZone app to my new iPhone.

If you upgraded your cell phone and want to transfer your app, here are instructions from Invemo, who publishes Susan’s app, on just how to do that:

1. Start the Astrology Zone application on your phone.

2. On the menu, which appears on the bottom of the screen, select Daily to access the Daily Horoscope.

3. On the Daily Horoscope screen, select Learn More About Full Horoscopes!

4. On the Full Horoscope Subscriptions screen, select Purchase a Subscription.

5. On the Subscription screen, select the Restore Purchases button on the bottom of the screen.

6. On the Please Sign Up screen, select the Sign In button on the bottom of the screen and input the email address and password that was used to purchase the <subscription type> and it should resume your subscription.

Should you continue to have any technical concerns with your app, please write to [email protected].