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A Collectable, Limited Edition
Created and Published by Susan Miller

Featuring Illustrations by Artist Izak Zenou

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  • Much more than a calendar to write your appointments, Susan prepared a blueprint for you to follow to make better life decisions so you can live your best life with enthusiasm and confidence!
  •  Susan’s calendar is written for every sign. For information about how the aspects will affect your individual sign, please read Susan’s monthly  Astrology Zone forecast for your sign.
  • Susan provides 13 months in your calendar in total which includes January 2024 in your new calendar.
  • Every word in the calendar was written by Susan in her own positive, upbeat, and easy-to-understand style. Susan is an accredited astrologer by the esteemed International Society of Astrological Research with more than 26 years’ experience. In addition, professional astrologers will appreciate the aspect listed on the dates it occurs with precise signs and degrees noted.
  • New moons and full moons listed and described. Including the year’s four eclipses in April, May, October and November and an outlook for each lunation.
  • Every planet and their activities are also listed. Days to avoid are noted so you can choose your most favorable days to enact your initiations.
  • In 2023, Venus, Mercury and Mars will all retrograde. On the same day each planet starts its backward motion, you will see the date each planet will turn direct. You won’t have to page through the calendar to find out those dates – you will have them instantly. Readers know that there are certain activities to avoid during these periods and Susan will remind you on the calendar and on
  • Rather than having to write down all the key dates in Susan’s monthly forecasts, you will find the same dates (and more) described in the calendar. The most important planetary aspects listed on your calendar will be clarified in and described for your individual sign (and rising sign) on Susan’s monthly forecasts at
  • With your astrological calendar, you can go beyond the present month for an overview of the entire year. Susan’s calendar is a must for choosing the right date for your wedding, charity benefit, job interviews and major presentations. This will also allow you to choose the right date to close on your new house, ask for raise or plan a family vacation. Choose your best day for a first date, or if attached, a romantic celebration. Don’t waste time on days that aren’t productive—choose the dates that are right for your activity.
  • The calendars elegant, beautiful artwork is created & designed by French fashion illustrator Izak Zenou. This year’s theme, “Chic Busy Women” depicts women of all ethnicities going about their daily rounds in style (just like you).
  • Izak’s work is printed on the calendar’s heavy archival paper with rich vibrant inks. Self-published from creation to print by Susan Miller, this beautiful collector’s item is a joint collaboration between Izak and Susan to bring you the beauty you will see once you open the calendar.
  • These beautiful illustrations are made to save! Whether you are looking to matt or frame the artwork, the calendar measurements are 13.75” x 12” when closed and 13.75”x 24” Open.
  • Susan’s calendar is only available on her website with limited quantities avaiable.
  • We ship everywhere around world that is serviced by FedEx, DHL, or UPS so that you can get your calendar quickly. All calendars are sent in a special envelope for protection.
  • The Year Ahead 2023 makes a great gift for birthdays and holidays at $26.99 each.
  • Questions? Get prompt answers by dropping us a note at [email protected].


Astrology Zone Calendar Forecast Art
Astrology Zone Calendar Forecast Art
Astrology Zone Calendar Forecast Art


This is the best calendar I have ever purchased and continue to purchase every year. I use the explanations to plan major and minor life events and it serves as a constant guide. It has provided comfort during trying times by providing hope for the future by letting me know when better days are ahead.
– Nivi, Pisces, West Chester, PA, USA

I love your calendar and have ordered it for several years. The artwork is amazing, and I have given pages to friends with other signs. A must have and I enjoy the detailed info listed. The artwork alone is worth the cost. Beautiful product.
– A.E., Aries

Astrology Zone Calendar Art

I have it hanging on my kitchen and actually take it with me when traveling for work. I mark the special dates to keep an eye on what is coming ahead and as much as possible coordinate certain decisions and deals with heaven above! At times, I even look back at certain phases or happenings and realize how much in tune it was with what was written in the calendar! It has become a good friend and companion! Thank you for it!
– Marcello, Sagittarius, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I have been purchasing Susan’s calendar for over 5 years.  It is an annual Christmas present for my daughter and my best friend (and myself!) My calendar is hung in my kitchen and I read it every day. It is beautiful and colorful. Reading it helps me to prepare and set my intentions, and keep myself grounded.
– M., Taurus

Astrology Zone Calendar Art

It’s like having Susan with me every day of the entire year! I love these calendars they are so informative and fun. The artwork is beautiful and I display my calendar in my kitchen and everyone loves to explore it. I can’t wait to see what the new year calendar will look like. Thank you Susan for all that you do.
– Denise, Leo, New York, NY, USA

I  have used the AZ calendar since its existence. I like it  so much and find  it so  inspirational.
– Helga, Libra, , Lisbon, Portugal

Susan’s forecasts have been such a source of strength for me – she has helped me prepare ahead for the saddest events of my life and has lent support during difficult times.
– M.J., Aquarius, Pune, India

Astrology Zone Calendar Art

I order your Calendar every year for Christmas and read it every  morning.  I plan all my travel for the year using it.. Life is just easier with a little guidance.  Thank you for truly being an inspiration in my life.
– Anne, Pisces, Laguna Beach, CA, USA

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