Daniel Marin Art

The Galaxy Collection

Astrology Zone is delighted to introduce the artist Daniel Marin to you. He is a world known artist with his works sold and collected throughout the world including private collections in New York, Miami, Paris, Dubai, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

His work is magnificent and he sums up his perspective on his art work beautifully with these words.

danie_marin_artista_2“A painter paints what he sees, an artist paints what he feels.” – Daniel Marin

Private Viewings can be arranged to see the artwork upon request, please email [email protected].

The artwork is available individually for $7500 per piece or the entire collection of Galaxy is available for $40,000. Daniel Marin’s last two 2016 shows in Paris and Dubai sold out with his larger 2 Metre X 2 Metre art works selling for more than $30,000 per piece.