2020 Fashion Runway Style Guide by Susan Miller


(March 21- April 19)

As an Aries, you are a born leader and are the sign most closely associated with entrepreneurs. As the very first sign of the zodiac, you prefer to be at the helm, so eventually, you may start your own business if you have not already done so. Or you may be drawn to working at a start-up where you can have the chance to put your stamp of individuality on projects as they develop. You have confidence and a dramatic style, and for work, you often will choose sleek outfits that enhance your aura of authority.

In your time off, casual looks rule—you love jeans, and you might also consider wearing a military or camouflage look as well. Add boots and a small cross-body or messenger bag, and you’re set. You like clean lines that keep the focus on your face—luckily, statement earrings are where it’s at in 2020. Your sign rules the head, so many Aries enjoy wearing hats. Red is associated with Aries, symbolizing your passion for life and for those you love.

In addition to statement earrings, you might like the clean look of color block, as well as the growing trend toward oversized collars on your coat. You love new fashion, so the cut-out look for dresses or bathing suits is your style. In your time off, you enjoy exercising outdoors, so activewear is perfect for you. As an Aries, you are always challenging yourself to reach higher, do better. Aries rules the hair, and you always feel your best when your hair looks great. Keep your crowning glory beautiful by wearing an on-trend bucket hat.

After the current social-distancing and stay-at-home restrictions loosen up, for cocktail and black-tie events or important career interviews, wear red. There is a reason the song Lady in Red by Chris de Burgh in 1986 made its way to the top of the charts and is still a popular tune today. A lady wearing red is hauntingly beautiful, memorable, and alluring. Many cultures associate red—the color of Mars, your ruler, and of passion, energy, and determination—with outstanding good fortune. Wear red and be showered with happiness.

Are you shopping for an Aries man?

On his time off, your Aries man has a sense of style and likes to have street cred, which will, of course, come back. Give him one of the ultra-fashionable relaxed Cuban shirts with double-notched collar, short sleeves, and straight hem. You can find them in solid colors, but they are extra special if you buy a print with the dominant color in a bright, saturated print in yellow, blue, green, or orange. If you are feeling flush, give him pants in tan, white, or black.



(April 20 -May 20)

Taurus has been called the builder of the zodiac. All you need is a budget, a crew, and a deadline, and you are off and running. As a Taurus, you deliver on your promises, and others quickly discover that they can depend on what you say you can and will do. Taurus is also known as one of the most sensuous of signs. You adore soft-to-the-touch natural fabrics like cashmere, velvet, silk, suede, and cotton, and you tend to buy classic investment pieces that can take you through many seasons and possibly several years. Neutral tones of beige, mushroom, taffy, oatmeal, cream, or coffee are your favorites. Taurus rules the neck, and chances are you own several statement necklaces and scarves to brighten and individualize your outfits.

In 2020, the most appealing trend for you will be the emphasis on velvet and silk. Taurus nearly invented investment dressing for, as said, you love quality and natural fabrics. The runway’s plethora of beautifully fitted suits for the office were given a 2020 twist and will be an appealing trend for you, too. Remember, when you’re on a video conference or making a video sales call, you always need to look your best.

Taurus is one of the financial signs, and many Taurus work as real estate or stock brokers, in hedge funds or insurance companies where a conservative, wealthy look is comforting to clients. (Male Taurus favor pinstripe suits.) Other Taurus work in one of the sensuous professions—the wine or champagne industry or in perfume, precious jewels, flowers, or other industries that embellish life—and those Taurus can be more adventuresome in their workwear. Even so, as a Taurus woman, you love neutrals, so that trend is one you can embrace instantly.

Are you shopping for a Taurus man?

The Taurus man does not like to call attention to himself, but he does want to look fashionably in-the-know. Give him relaxed over-the-knee shorts to wear with slim fitting T-shirts for when he’ll again be able to hang with friends on hot, steamy summer days and nights. Over-the-knee shorts will keep him feeling cool and comfortable, too.



(May 21-June 21)

Gemini is versatile, adaptable, and a master communicator. You may work in publishing, public relations, marketing, or sales, or you may speak, write, or edit for a living. Before any new season begins, you’ve read the runway reports in the fashion magazines and blogs and clipped or printed out all the new styles you want to investigate. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini needs a lot of varied stimulation from life, so when it comes to choosing your wardrobe, you tend to like separates that you can change and match to your mood—even around the house. You also have a talent for taking layering to a new level of sophistication. You love to collect beautiful accessories, for those allow you to switch up a look and to easily express your individual style.

Gemini is one of the travel signs, so even though you’re not able to travel now, the emphasis on knits in 2020 are made with you in mind. (You feel using the ironing board and electric iron that sits in your hotel room closet as a throwback to the 1950s. You ask, who has the time for that?) Gemini also rules the arms, wrists, hands, and clavicles, so investigate the many beautiful interpretations of sleeve interest in elegant blouses, sweaters, evening dresses, daytime dresses, jackets, and coats. You will be going out again, so why not prepare now. The creativity of the designer may pique your interest. This seems not so much a retro trend but something thoroughly new in its iteration and thereby perfect for you.

Finally, as a Gemini, you love color and all that is emerging as new in fashion, so an urban graffiti print or a topical print could bring out your coloring in a dress, top, pants or skirt.

Are you shopping for a Gemini man?

Tropical prints are showing up for men too, this year. Your Gemini man would like a bowling shirt in a tropical print which now looks new. How does this shirt differ from a Cuban collar shirt? It does not have the double-notched collar (but of course, your man might enjoy the Cuban shirt, too—check the description in the piece on the Aries male). Today, Hawaiian and bowling shirts, both similar with their straight hem, open collar, and relaxed fit, have been updated with a fresh tropical print. Eschew prints of palm trees, instead, look for bamboo leaves. Also, look for pineapples (yes!), or you can steer toward an urban graffiti print. The brighter and more colorful the shirt, the better—you need to go all in. Give him black or white pants or Bermuda shorts.


(June 22-July 22)

Cancers are sentimental and romantic. You save old love letters, and when it comes to recording the happy times of family life, you are the most likely member of your clan to take on the role of family photographer. Cancers are known to produce savvy shoppers and are often the first to nab flattering designer outfits—always at a bargain. When it comes to dressing for work (and you should dress properly for that video conference), you aim to look sharp but also to look warm and approachable. For evening (and going out in the evening will come back), you prefer soft, feminine styles, perhaps with ruffles or lace. To show off your beautiful skin, choose
a sweater or blouse that will show some subtle décolleté. The moon rules your sign, so Cancer is associated with fabrics with a bit of sheen, like satin or charmeuse silk, reminiscent of moonlight.

You will love the emphasis on pastels this year, for they are sprouting up everywhere and feel especially right for you. The emphasis on satin is also “you”—whether in the hands of a modern designer or one that harks back to charmeuse silk in the 1940s. Also, check out Victorian dresses with lace and gossamer fabrics that are on-trend now that will show you off as the romantic you truly are inside. You also love colors that are soft and powdery, so choose tops or dresses in tea green (the color of green tea ice cream), light slivery-blue-grey, soft powdery pink or creamy white—colors you’d find inside a beautiful sea shell.

Are you shopping for the Cancer man?

The Cancer man does not like to call attention to himself, but of course, he does like to be stylish. Give him a new pair of flare jeans or pants—back in the day they called them bell bottoms—and make sure the upper part of the leg (thighs) are slim fitting. Give him a fitted top too, say, a turtleneck or slim-fitting tee, and to go over that, a hoodie.



(July 23-Aug. 22)

Leo is the trendsetter who turns heads with their sophisticated, dramatic fashion style. You would rather have one quality garment than many lesser ones, and you are known to take good care of your clothes and jewels. As a Leo, you wear the fashion—fashion does not wear you—and you have a way of putting a fresh, up-to-the minute twist to all of your looks. Leo is often blessed with creative talent, and many members of your sign become designers and artists or curators of museums or art galleries. Leo is associated with the entertainment industry too, and known to produce successful screenplay writers, composers, and actors.

You are ruled by the Sun, our brilliant star in the center of our solar system. You are confident, proud, and certainly know how to make an entrance, and you would treat a video conference the same as if you were entering a board room. Look into the beautiful emphasis on metallics, whether as an all-out gold metallic dress or one that’s pastel with metallic flowers embossed on paper-thin fabric that will flutter in the wind. When the time comes again when you can you step out of your limo to attend your charity ball or black-tie party, you’ll want to do so in style. Depending on your physique, you might look great in the big shoulder trend that echoes the 1980s in a new way—you have the confidence and sophisticated taste to carry off the look. For future weekend cocktails by the surf or the pool, look into jungle prints—perfect for the queen of the jungle.

Are you shopping for a Leo man?

The Leo man attends many dress-up affairs—and will again do so. He’ll need a classic tux in black—he doesn’t want to get fancy with the style, for he knows he looks incredibly dashing and sexy in a classic tux. Is that more than you wanted to spend? Leo usually has to dodge the paparazzi at times (if he is not a famous celebrity yet, he looks to be on the verge of being one), so give him a pair of the new shield sunglasses seen about town to elevate his cool factor as he looks forward again to going about his appointed rounds.



(Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

As a Virgo, you know that details make all the difference, so you seek out clothing made of fine fabrics with fine linings, well-made seams, and quality buttons, snaps, and closures. You know that great tailoring and fit can instantly elevate a garment to one that looks quite glamorous and expensive, and although you’re spending more time on video conferences these days, you should always look your best and not wear the same thing every day. Virgos prefer clothing that can be worn through many seasons, and because you are a modest soul, you want timeless designs that won’t shout but rather whisper polished elegance. Virgo rules the hands, so there’s a good bet you have a wardrobe of beautiful bracelets and delicate rings.

This season, the emphasis on beautiful modern tailoring seems to have been made with you in mind. Choose a jacket-and-pant suit in a monochromatic color or a dress with clean lines that falls beautifully on your unique figure. You like to exercise, and chances are you are quite fit, so you might want to look into the trend of shorts, whether Bermuda shorts worn with a blazer, and for very casual events, such a friend’s barbeque (hopefully, later this summer), short shorts (also called hot pants) with a pretty top.

Virgo tends to love florals—try an updated version in a bright floral graffiti-print against white, with an asymmetrical midi-skirt with a flounce hem. You are the sign born at the time of the harvest, so try an outfit made from ramie (a vegetable fiber known for sturdiness yet drapes and flows beautifully). If you can find a designer that matches your taste in prints, go all in. For a change from your beloved florals, try on polka-dots this season, for they can add a fresh, updated look to your wardrobe. Polka-dots will look great near your face, for the contrast of light dots against a dark background is often flattering to all skin tones, and in particular for you, celebrating your finely chiseled features.

Are you shopping for a Virgo man?

The Virgo man is just as obsessed with being fit as the Virgo woman. Your Virgo man would love activewear—he loves comfort too, so add a new pair of cool sneakers. A track suit or other activewear that now goes from workout-to-casual-daywear on his time off will be appreciated.


(Sept. 23-Oct. 22)


Libras are the arbiters of fashion, and many members of this sign work in fashion as designers and editors. As a Libra, you excel in roles that allow you to advise and inform others about the newest trends. Venus is the planet that embellishes and beautifies everything on earth and governs your sign. Your first aim in choosing a new fashion look for the approaching season is almost always to increase your already-considerable magnetism and allure—even through the camera on video conferences. Members of your sign favor hues that whisper rather than shout, and as a Libra, you often choose colors that are soft and muted. Pastels on a woman Libra never look sugary, for you have a talent for turning these soft colors into something sophisticated and chic, perhaps adding a contrasting jacket to toughen the look. You also love printed silks, and when you wear this look, look for bright prints, echoing nature, for those are especially right for you. Libra women usually prefer to wear fine jewelry made of gold, often with precious gems rather than costume jewelry, and doing so when videoconferencing will add a touch of elegance.

Although we’re not going out right now, we will, and evenings will be even more special when we do. Start preparing now with a brightly botanical, nature-inspired printed silk sarong, either worn alone or over skinny white silk shantung pants, and pair it with an off the shoulder matching print top. Or choose a softly printed floral cocktail dress with cape sleeves. Investigate the new It Bag: the teeny-tiny purse, seen so often in Asia now—you may only be able to pop in a cell phone, keys, credit card, ID, and a lipstick, but that’s all you’ll need to be set. Libra’s birthstone is the blue sapphire, so chances are, you’ll adore the shade of blue fabrics inspired by Blue Crush (the movie) spilling off the runways here and in Europe, from casual resort wear, to a work suit, to evening wear in all kinds of rich silk fabrics.

Pleats are big too, so to add interest to your wardrobe, choose a midi-skirt in a metallic silver or gold plissé pleated skirt to wear with a sleeveless knit or silk black halter top (like Megan Markle’s reception dress top). Or choose an evening dress with ruffles at the neck and edged in tiny accordion pleats. Think back to American designer Mary McFadden and her crinkle plissé evening dresses and jackets in silk.

Are you shopping for a Libra Man?

Give your Libra man one of the new safari jackets (or safari-inspired garments) that offer many pockets. On his busy day off, even if all he does is go for a long walk, he’ll appreciate having pockets to carry his phone, wallet, keys, credit cards, gum, Swiss Army knife, and other accoutrements. They’re all in his pockets, and needless to say, pockets ruled the runways this season.


(Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Scorpio is a study in contrasts. In the boardroom, your sign is known to produce commanding leaders, skilled negotiators, and master power brokers. You may be one of those, or on the way to being one. In your private, personal relationship, you are warm, passionate, and sexy. In a close, committed love relationship, you are loyal, for your feelings run unfathomably deep. You believe in privacy and the power of mystery, so you would never kiss and tell, nor reveal too much—in a new relationship or in your fashion. Your outfits are magnificently tailored with classic fit and cut, always of the finest fabrics you can afford. Scorpio’s preference is to wear black, deep purple, eggplant, or a deep red burgundy, for these tones add to your aura of authority. Leather comes under the domain of Scorpio too, which is right on trend in 2020.

If any sign can carry off the neo-Goth look for your days off, it’s you. Choose a simple black top and skirt or pants, and add a leather moto or non-moto zippered jacket. For work, the Scorpio woman loves the monochromatic look—simple, clean, and beautifully tailored. Suits are “you,” dear Scorpio. At work—and you should treat those video conferences just like you’re in a conference room—you keep jewelry simple, with perhaps one statement pair of earrings or an eye-catching cuff bracelet. You love leather, so also try on butter-soft, paper thin leather pants and jacket. For evenings—and evenings will be back, so why not prepare now—you are the sexiest sign of the zodiac, so try the new satin bra tops that every designer featured on all the latest runway shows. Wear your pretty bra top with a long black satin skirt or silk pants, revealing a glance of your sexy flat midriff. Make sure your bra top is seen, but layer over it a short-to-the waist satin jacket worn open or a tulle see-through evening blouse. Wear your outfit with high heeled strappy sandals.

Are you shopping for a Scorpio man?

Shopping for the sexiest man alive is not always easy, but this season it is. Tank tops are back—give him a sleeveless white tank top like the one James Dean wore in Rebel Without a Cause (1955) or Marlon Brando wore in A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)—you won’t be able to keep your hands off him—once you can go back to seeing him again. Also, give him a lightweight non-moto black leather jacket to wear over it. He loves fine leather in black as much as you do.



(Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

You are curious, adventuresome, philosophical, and disarmingly honest. Sagittarius practically invented the American look of the crisp, white cotton poplin shirt paired with well-fitting jeans. You are likely athletic, so chances are, your body is toned and sleek—you can make any look work. You always want to be on the go, so you prize casual comfort over anything that would constrain you. You are the international travel sign, so when the current travel restrictions are over and we’re back in the airports, you’ll need packable garments that you can layer to take you through many different climate changes. That’s where knits come in—ideal for your active lifestyle.

Activewear also seems to have had you in mind, so add brilliantly designed sneakers with touches of color. Your free-spirit, adventurous sensibility may account for why you may gravitate to the ‘60s-style prints that were so prevalent on runways lately. When you wear jeans, choose a statement 1960s top—a graphic T-shirt and perhaps a cropped jacket with broad shoulders. Another big trend that your sign is particularly suited to adore is the emphasis on leopard that has been dominating runways all over Europe and the US for multiple seasons. Big cats like leopards are ruled by Sagittarius, so give this look a try. You’ve got the sophistication and confidence that can pull off the leopard look with style.

Finally, Sagittarius, you are also known to have a cool, Katherine Hepburn vibe going on, so consider the new wide leg trousers, completely in keeping with your requirement for comfort. Choose a wool blend, gaberdine, or crepe. Pair it with a soft charmeuse blouse with long sleeves and simple collar to echo a 1940s look.

Also, consider the beautiful menswear look, with the emphasis on clean lines and fine tailoring for a wear-to-work look.

Are you shopping for a Sagittarian Man?

Crossbody bags of all shapes and sizes were on the men’s runways in every big-city fashion show for men. Your man likes to travel—and travel will come back again—and with travel comes the need to carry stuff. Prepare him now and give him a crossbody bag, either messenger style or small and neat, and he will be thankful to have it now and forever.


(Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

As a Capricorn, you always manage to look like you have a family pedigree and come from old money, even if that’s quite far from the truth. You likely have a refined, classic style that is timeless and well put-together. You have a knack for choosing the outfit that’s precisely right for every occasion, and lots of different occasions will be back in your life. As a Capricorn, you love dresses and separates in natural fibers like cashmere, wool, cotton, shearling, and suede. You tend to shun bright colors but prefer soft neutrals like butterscotch, oatmeal, coffee, cream, snow white, jet black, or granite grey. Most Capricorns love family, tradition, and quality. Estate and old family heirloom jewelry is “you,” and you may also be drawn to the beauty of vintage garments.

At the time of the year you were born, late December and most of January, nature teaches us that there is beauty in simplicity. The earth rests under a blanket of snow, trees are bare and the Sun casts long, black shadows putting tall mountains in sharp relief. You adore the trend in modern tailoring, classic pleats with an updated sensibility. You may be charmed by the trend toward monochromatic dressing, especially if the pieces offered are neutrals. Just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you can’t dress up—you’ll be going out again, so prepare now. Try a statement belt to show off a slim waist. Also look into the LWD—the little white dress—from cool pima cotton to silk to a thin wool mixed with spandex, perfect for any occasion. One last idea: Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which gives you a love of history and all things of value from the past. Investigate the vintage trend—you will likely love the well-made pieces that show great style.

Are you shopping for a Capricorn Man?

Chances are, he works in finance and needs to look conservative at work—even on Zoom. Introduce him to relaxed, unstructured monochromatic suiting—not black but, for example, cream in wool twill.


(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Aquarians are innovative, progressive, experimental, and independent. As an Aquarius, you don’t blindly follow rules without questing their validity. If a rule doesn’t make sense to you, you will suggest a change—and it will be one that you feel is more fitting for the circumstances and the times. Your sign is the sign of genius, which is why so many Aquarians work in futuristic professions—the space industry, electronics, software, the Internet, and other facets of the digital world.

You have a big heart too, so many members of your sign work in charities or champion humanitarian causes. Some find going into politics allows them to make policy changes. You have your own yardstick for success, and not being dependent on other’s opinions of you gives you strength and an enviable objectivity. When the people around you finally catch up to your vision of what is coming up over the horizon, you are hailed as a rock star. You don’t dress to impress but to make yourself happy—expressing your individuality is what counts to you.

The one trend that would be especially suited to you once we start going outside and socializing again is the trend toward neon colors, as bright as your brilliant mind. Neon colors to investigate include fuchsia, citron, electric lime, bright blue, neon cyan, magenta, chartreuse, and electric orange. Wear one or more of these flattering colors during the day (even as you stay home—it could boost your spirits), or choose one for evening wear—evening events will be back, too. The fabric will affect how the color will look and work with your coloring, so see what color and fabric suits you best. Neon colors are great in activewear, and since you can lose sense of time and place when concentrating on your work at your computer, you might love wearing activewear when on Zoom conferences. Many Aquarians work in startups, so if you do too, you likely wear relaxed, casual wear to work. Continue the trend even at home.

You love unusual fabrics, often man-made first by NASA, inspiring designers everywhere. These new fibers drape in interesting ways, and so the designers who use these new fibers are able to create a look that is entirely new.

If you favor less-daring fabrics, look into silk color block dresses and tops, as well as dresses with trapeze necklines. Try the cut-out look in dresses and wrap skirts that look like sarongs, perhaps made of silk or buttery, thin leather. Stock up on one or two statement tees to wear with jeans, and you’ll have updated your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Finally, the love of the 1960’s fashion— nicknamed the Age of Aquarius, for its emphasis on youth, its spirit of rebellion and ability to create massive social change—might be “you,” too. This year’s look back at the beloved 1960s gives fashion in 2020 a new take on a favorite era. Give tie-dye a second look too, as in 2020, the look is certainly not your mother’s tie-dye.

Are you shopping for an Aquarius Man?

If he is old enough to remember Woodstock (even if he is not, he’s certainly read about it) and wishes he could have been there, give him a tie-died tee or jacket, and he’ll love it forever—and love you too, for thinking of something so perfect for him.



(Feb. 19-March 20)

Pisces are romantic, creative, and poetic. As a Pisces, you always find something magical to wear. You love the sparkle of sequins, rhinestones, or crystals, and you tend to wear fabrics that are soft, like velvet, or that flow, like chiffon. Ruffles and lace would also appeal to you, for you are known to be a feminine sign. For everyday wear, especially when involved in one of your many creative projects, you tend to wear a lot of black—wearing a “uniform” frees you to focus on your work. Ruled by imaginative Neptune, Pisces produces talented designers, film directors, photographers, makeup artists, and set or costume designers. Rather than follow fashion trends automatically, you will experiment to make your look your own.

You love super-feminine fashion, and you love to dress up. (One Pisces said, “I love gowns so much, I would wear one every day. If I could vacuum clean in a ball gown I would.”) When you see ruffles, touches of lace, or outfits of silk organza, silk taffeta, velvet, or your favorite, tulle, you swoon and say to yourself, “Where do I sign? I need that!” You adore flowers of every size and description, so you may feel you could never have enough florals in your closet.

The fairytale of Cinderella was your childhood favorite—a story that revolves around a shoe still inspires daydreams. Shoes are your favorite fashion item—you never met a shoe or boot you didn’t love. You keep collecting shoes, even though you tend to wear the same one or two pair all the time because those are the soft and gentle ones on your tender feet.

This year, look for the new, short flutter sleeve that softly falls from the shoulder.

In terms of your new fashion color to look into, you are in luck—your favorite, shades of blue (many found in the 2002 movie, Blue Crush) is in fashion with plenty of inspiring iterations in terms of hues, tones, and textures. Look to Monet’s famous painting Water Lilies (see Museum of Modern Art) for inspiration—all the tones of blue are there, including some blues that fade into pale lavender and watery violet with tiny touches of turquoise and for contrast, little spots of pink. Your favorite colors this year look as though frozen under ice to blur and soften their tones.

You love sparkles, for they subconsciously remind you of the sparkly gills of the fish that catch light under water as they swim. Anything with sequins, rhinestones, or other additions to a garment that shimmer in the light will shout out to you, “Buy me!”

Try, too, the midi-skirt look in soft, gossamer fabric that features a metallic embossed print to catch the light. Wear it with a black simple halter top, and pair it with flat black patent resort sandals. You love the purity of white, so look into collecting one or two crisp white dresses in cotton or linen for hot summer days. If your legs are pretty, pick up a pair of white shorts that you can wear with a dark glittery T-top, and add an unstructured, unlined, simple white linen blazer with push up (jou-jou) sleeves. Remember, you will be going out again, so pick up some new things now.

Finally, Pisces is the most creative, imaginative sign of the zodiac, so you don’t follow trends, you start them. A Pisces was likely the first to combine high-low fashion (expensive with not-at-all-costly) in one look. Your sharp intuition allows you to take any style and mix it with something vintage to create a new, unique look. You love scouring various vintage looks to find ones that express the true you. Japanese-inspired prints and kimono wrap tops would especially appeal to you too—Pisces rules the Eastern culture.

Are you shopping for a Pisces Man?

Your Pisces man likely works in one of the creative arts. He may be a director, photographer, musician, painter, or writer, or he may work in high tech, developing apps or software. Let’s face it. He loves the all-black look: turtleneck tops, black pants (skip the jeans) and, when chilly, loves to layer on his beloved black leather jacket.